Project Minimum Wage Starts Today

Here we go, Project Minimum Wage starts today. Can I live for a month on a minimum wage salary?

For the basics, check out the original blog: Project Minimum Wage Blog

I’ll have to be honest with everyone, I totally intended this to start on January 1st but the Mall and Target had some crazy New Year’s sales going on and I just had to go buy, buy, buy. So here we are on January 2nd.

Let me preface this entire Project by saying, it’s not going to be a true to life scenario. I’m taking some liberties due to certain scenarios in my life. For example, I’m leaving town for work for a few days so I may just take a break this project and extend Project Minimum Wage for the days I’m gone. In no way am I trying to make it sound like life is going to be very rough or act like I’m doing the real deal. I’m doing the best I can to imitate what life is going to be like while at the same time maintaining the life I’m living. And lastly, I know there are differences in my math for rent, insurance, taxes, etc. Many people have made suggestions on what would be best to do so like I said, just trying to do my best.

I’ve given myself a budget of $380 to live off of for this month (it was $420 but I took off $40 for cell phone). Expenses such as toiletries, food, entertainment, medical emergencies, clothes, etc will have to be within the $380 budget. I’m interested to see what I have left at the end and see what I’m able to save a month. Because think about it. At $380 a month, can one even have any sort of savings with that?

I’ll try to keep a daily blog on this going. In between, I’ll be doing some food blogs in between. I’ve been to a few restaurants during the Christmas and New Year’s break to give me some stuff to write about to keep it fresh. Letter T will be mixed in as well. So be on the lookout for blogs on Ciao, AVI, Charlie’s Pizza Taco and more.

Getting my shopping list ready for Wal-Mart. $380, can I do this? We’ll see.

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