Project Minimum Wage: Weekend #2!

Days 9-11 (that felt weird typing that out) didn’t go as exactly planned. I started it all off with $265 but then the weekend hit and it wasn’t exactly ideal.

I knew I had a haircut this weekend which would set me back on my budget so I figured I should probably stay low key and save some money. Well it all started Friday. I was doing well and brought my lunch to work. There was a Shocker game that night I was going to (I know, I can’t afford season tickets…..liberties!!!) I didn’t eat before the game and I was running short on time. So I had to stop by Wendy’s and spend a few bucks there. It all went down here from there.

Post-game drinks to celebrate a Shocker win. Haircut on Saturday then I splurged and purchased a videogame. $68 later, here I am today with $197 to last me three weeks (19 days). I don’t think I have any big purchases ahead of me outside of gas in a week. That equals out to $10.97 for my budget. I don’t plan on spending a single dollar on Monday or Tuesday.

Haven’t purchased any new clothing since this whole project started. No medical bills have come up. Zero toiletries have been purchased yet. Any of those items could easily set me back. I can see why someone on minimum wage might be inclined to ring up a credit card bill.

I would end this blog with, here we are down to the final stretch but it’s not even that close yet. I should have picked a month with 28 days in it for Project Minimum Wage but it’s my luck this year doesn’t even have one of those months being a leap year!


Look for a Quick Hits blog update this week. It’s been a while since we’ve had one and there have been a ton of new restaurant news I’m waiting to comment on. I think Letter U is on pace for next week at the latest. Any suggestions on that, throw them my way!

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