Quik Hits: 1/19/12: Closings, Closings, Closings!

Quick Hits 1/19/12
Everybody like the new look of the blog?
Seriously a lot has gone on since I last posted a Quick Hits. So let’s get down to business.
·                     Sloppy Joe’s has closed down. You’ll remember I posted a quick review on them here. Wasn’t sure their business model was suitable for long term success. Bye bye Sloppy Joe’s, your Sloppy Joe’s were pretty good but people just weren’t willing to pay for the convenience of it.
·                     Chick-fil-A’s new opening date is March 1st. I drive by the building all the time and it’s really coming around. I’ve thought about sneaking in one night to look around but figured that’s probably trespassing so I won’t. 🙂
·                     Imbiss Grille closed down. I’m pretty sad about that. Imbiss was supposed to be my destination for Letter I a while back but plans fell through and would have liked to make it by but never did. Sucks…….I was going to do a play on words if my waiter sucked there and call him an “Imbiss-sil”. Get it?? Ha ha.
·                     And the Wiener is…….gone as well. I stopped by there a few times after a long night of “hanging out” downtown. I regretted all three times too. Not because the food was horrible but just because long nights of “hanging out downtown” and stuffing yourself with hot dogs right before going to bed don’t mix well sometimes. Gut bombs.
·                     Shout out to Louie’s Bar and Grill. They hosted a little Shocker watch party for a group of friends and me and did a fantastic job. The service was excellent even though our server had problems with how he took orders and who got them. The numbering system is a little odd. But all in all, we enjoyed it.
·                     So Wink Hartman is opening a new club called “Lakeside Club”. It’s a members only type of club that cost $20 a month. Its non-smoking, will have a dress code, and is in the old Bella Donna/Garrazo’s building on Webb Road. I’m sure they will get lots of members but personally I don’t see the appeal to a member’s only club. When I go out and drink or eat, I want to go to a place I can invite whomever I’d like to. I’m probably not their target market either though.
·                     Really looking forward to the Ziggy’s Pizza opening. That should be happening soon.
·                     A Kwik Shop to open at 13th and Woodlawn by the Dillons? FINALLY! A steady gas station that will last there!
·                     Pita Pit is returning to Rock Road in the Northrock Retail Center. This time next year, it won’t be there. I just don’t think it will last but what do I know, I’ve never had Pita Pit before……..
And that’s a wrap folks!


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  1. New look is ok, didn't even notice until you mentioned. What *I* would update is your logo. It's very old-fashioned and 'western' looking. Maybe that's the look you're going for, but it needs some polish, IMO.

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