Quick Thoughts: Chapada Chophouse & Churrascaria (CLOSED)

Been pretty busy as of late and wanted to give you guys some material to read. So figured a little quick thought on some of the restaurants I’ve been to lately starting with Chapada!

2142 North Tyler Road, Wichita, KS

(316) 201-4694
I had a chance to go here a couple weeks ago.  Chapada is similar to the Fogo De Chao where they bring you unlimited meat on these skewers.
My girlfriend and I stopped by on a weekend night and sat for about 20-30 minutes. It was a decent wait and the place was busy as were most restaurants on the west side of town. Yes, we actually came from Longhorn where there was an even longer wait.
The two of us had the Meat Buffet and Salad Bar. For $30 it’s a decent value if you just hoard yourself with meat like I saw others around me but.
We had 7 different types of meat ranging from ribeye, sausages, pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped chicken, chicken, beef tips, etc. I liked two of the seven while My girlfirend liked one of the seven. (We both liked the ribeye). I was hoping for something like a filet but no dice.

The salad bar was ok, I wouldn’t say it was great. I had a cup of their chili and bland and boring were the best words to describe it with. There’s also a little olive and cheese bar if you’re into that sort of thing.

The service was very good. They kept our drinks refilled and the gouchos (or whatever they call themselves) always made it a point to make sure we had enough meat on our plates and constantly asked if there was anything we needed. The girls outfits were a little odd. Yes, they wear short shorts but that mixed with boots just didn’t look right to us. I’m glad the guys didn’t have to wear that. This is all different than experiences I’ve heard where service was bad. So either we came on a good night or I’m finally starting to get recognized in Wichita and the good service is coming!!!!

Our total bill with tip was a little over $80 so yes a little pricey but you don’t have to go the buffet route as they have regular meals.

Not sure if I’ll be making it back.

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  1. I had lunch here a few weeks ago and it was very good but a little pricey. I had a ribeye slider and crab cake and the crab cake was the best I have ever had. You could see the large pieces of crab and it didn't have a fishy taste. The slider was good but very small. The salad that came with it was very good also. I had the mango cheesecake and it was so smooth and creamy and not too sweet. The service was exceptional. I agree the outfit the servers wear is kind of odd but not distasteful. Overall I enjoyed the experience and the food. I would go again but it won't be a regular visit because of the cost. The lunch, drink and cheesecake was around $20.

  2. Went there for lunch and dinner. Had the steak tacos at lunch and were very good. We had some appetizers as well that were just average. Went back for dinner and was pretty disappointed. We got the $30 meal. I agree nothing special on the food/salad bar. Most of the meat was fatty and not that flavorful. I probably could have ate more, but there was nothing that great so I just quit. Actually the grilled pineapple was the highlight of the meal. Service was good, but will not be going back anytime soon.

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