The Best Bar Food I’ve Ever Had?

What is the best bar food I’ve ever had?

There’s no debate on this. Without a doubt, it came from The Cedar that used to be on 13th street between Oliver and Hillside, my old college stomping ground.

The main course? The chicken enchilada. It’s quite possible that I had at least one a week from the moment I started at Wichita State to years after I graduated. If I had six dollars to my name and could only afford a pitcher of beer that day or the chicken enchilada, I would have went with the latter.

Well I came across the recipe a while ago and still haven’t perfected it yet to make it taste exactly like the way they made it but then again I have zero cullinary skills and don’t have beers on tap at my house to complete the meal.

Regardless if you’re interested in The Cedar’s Chicken Enchilada recipe. Give it a try yourself!

Ingredients: Sour Cream
Cream of Chicken Soup
Monterrey Chicken

Directions: Mix cream of chicken soup and chicken, then roll in tortilla along with sour cream and Monterrey cheese.

The times I’ve cooked, I have set the temp to about 375 and cooked for roughly 25-30 minutes.

Use fully cooked fajita chicken.
Cook in the stove.


If you want the beef enchilada, just use tomato paste and some cayenne pepper to make the sauce. Or you can buy enchilada sauce that’s already made.


If you refrigerate them, they will cook in the microwave for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

On another note, I miss the Cedar 🙁


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