Quick Hits: 6/14/12

Quick Hits 6/14/12
·         If you hadn’t heard the news, Larry Bud’s will be taking over the former Brooklyn’s/Players location on West 21st street. This will be their second location, with their first being at 21st and Woodlawn. It’s a really big building compared to their first location so it’ll be interesting to see how it all unfolds when they are ready to open which I’ve been told is tentatively scheduled for a month and a half to two months from now.
·         Not too long ago, we want to Sabor in Old Town. I’ve been there before for lunch and enjoyed the fish tacos. Service was a little slow because it was so busy. Never been there for dinner until recently and blah. Don’t think I’ll be going back. The service was horrible. We would sit there and just wait and wait. Our server never came back to ask us how our food was or if we needed refills. Meanwhile, you could see a bunch of servers in the corner just chatting away like it was social hour for them. I had to call out a different waiter to get their attention for refills. So long Sabor, I wonder if the bad customer service is what led to their Waterfront location closing its doors.
·         Stopped by Picasso Pizza again and finally got to try their Kitchen Sink. Fantastic! I seriously recommend that place to you all. Everybody there is always friendly and the food is great. That’s enough reason for continual return visits.
The Kitchen Sink
·         And lastly a picture to share with you all. My friends and I went to the Wichita Wild game. This is the game they played against the Allen Wranglers. I bought these seats months before when Terrell Owens announced he was joining the Allen Wranglers. Well T.O. wasn’t at the game (and would later be kicked off the team) but my friends and I decided to just go since we’ve never been. We had front row seats behind the visiting bench. The atmosphere was fantastic, similar to what you’d see at Riverfest but with some sports fans. The crowd was into it and the teams were jawing back and forth. From where we were sitting, it probably isn’t kid friendly with the language but that’s what I enjoyed most. Two teams just talking trash back and forth. I would definitely go again. The Wichita Wild ended up winning the game but not before I was able to take this picture:
Hey kids, quick math lesson. 50 divided by 2 equals 25!!!!


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