Quick Burger Review: Oasis Lounge

I just wanted to throw a quick review out there for you guys before the weekend hit. Enjoy:
I’ve been hearing for quite some time that the Oasis Lounge has a fantastic burger, possibly one of the best in Wichita, KS. Now I’ve been to the Oasis Lounge plenty of times in college and post-college for their cheap pool, dive bar feel and post bingo outings. I really like the ambience of the establishment but through all those years never had a bite to eat there. I put my priorities on drinking rather than eating. Fast-forward to present day. Eating is more important.
Oasis Lounge
4121 West Maple Street  Wichita, KS 67209
(316) 943-9260
I went to the Oasis Lounge with a friend yesterday for a couple drinks and a bite to eat and we both tried their burger and fries.
The Oasis Lounge had one waitress at the time so the staffing wasn’t ideal when it got busy but she did a really good job of getting from table to table making sure everything was taken care of.  The time from ordering our burgers to getting them did not take long.


Just looking at the burger, it was thick and juicy. My mouth and I proceeded to have the following conversation:
                Mouth: What are you doing just staring?
                Me: Patience, Mouth. I just want to take a look at all its glory.
                Mouth: Feed me. Seriously. Just look at the buns on that thing, I want to take a bite out of that.
                Me: Stop talking dirty.
So I finally gave in to my mouth’s temptation and took a bite. Deeeeeelicious. The burger was full of flavor and wasn’t overly greasy as you find in other burgers. You’ll remember from the Letter T review that I like my burger patties thick and juicy. I’m sure Notorious B.I.G. felt the same way about his patties. (obscure rap reference of the year). So Oasis’ burgers hit the spot. The fries were better than nearly any bar fries I’ve had. I prefer the thinly sliced fries you get at Freddy’s Frozen Custard but not many places have those. These were the thick fresh cut and were really good for them not being my preference of fries. They weren’t too greasy either. My friend felt the same way of the burger and said, “This is a really good burger. First time I’ve been here and I would absolutely go again!”
I give the place two thumbs up. Their bloody mary was great as well. If you’re a bloody mary fan, they make their own mix which I’m wary about sometimes because I like the Zing Zang. Take note, their bloody mary doesn’t come with much. No pickle, no beef jerky. Sad, I know.
Otherwise, I loved the Oasis Lounge burger. I can definitely attest it’s one of the best in the city. It’s up there with T J’s burger. Give it a try for yourself!

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