Day One of Live Below The Line

Day One of Project Live Below The Line ended harder than it started. (If you missed, my food listing post for Live Below The Line, read it here)
I took a banana, package of ramen noodles, a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter with me to work Monday morning. Goal was to eat the banana for breakfast and two peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. The ramen noodles were emergency in case I was in dire need of food.
Morning passed by and I totally forgot to eat the banana. I figured I could then save that for my afternoon snack. For lunch, I made two peanut butter sandwiches. The loaf of the bread was smaller than I recall bread being. The slices were pretty tiny. The taste of the peanut butter was off too; I’m not sure if it was my mind or the actual taste. The two sandwiches still did the trick and cured my hunger for the afternoon.
Playing 9 holes of golf was on the itinerary after work so my new plan was to eat the banana right before golf. After eating the banana, I was instantly amazed how good they were. It’s been possibly decades since I had bananas on a regular basis (aka a child living at home and having my parents by them)…… AND they are cheap. That all right there will tell you how often I go grocery shopping.
Headed to the golf course after work and took me about 2 hours to get through 9 holes. My group walked the course instead of using a cart. Now I’m not sure if it’s because of my allergies, or that I am just not a good golfer or my body was lacking energy from the lack of food, but that was my worst golf outing of the year. It seemed as if nothing was going right. I couldn’t stay focused at all.
While on the 9th hole, I received a call to go play some pickup basketball. Decided “why not?” I followed up golf with two hours of basketball on an empty stomach. The two hours were all adrenaline. My stomach was hurting from hunger and I could feel it slow me down.
The moment I walked into my house, I cooked some of the spaghetti. Ate it with no sauce and crashed.
Upon waking up today, my body feels weird. I’m supposed to go play golf later this afternoon but am not sure I have the energy to do so. It’s one thing to live on a $1.50 of food a day but it’s another thing to do it and go be active. Where do you find the energy? How do you defeat the hunger pains?
It looks like I’m going to have a rough few days ahead of me.


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