We Belong

What a run this has been so far.
And you know what? I’m not ready for this to stop. I spent the first two (technically 2nd and 3rd) rounds at my house with friends watching the game as I just got back from Orlando the night before. Was fortunate enough to head to Los Angeles to witness history and now have the opportunity to go to Atlanta to possibly witness something that no Shocker fan has ever seen.
I went back and forth on writing this blog. It’s really hard to put into words as a fan what we are all going through. I don’t think the true magnitude of what we’re witnessing is going to hit us until well after the season is over, maybe even 2, 3, 5 years down the road.
This is only our second trip to the Final Four in team history but our first time since the field was expanded to 64….errrr 68. What this team has accomplished, how the players have performed, are so present and fresh in our minds that to truly analyze it and see where it stands in Shocker lore won’t hit us for a while.
I’m too young of fan to discuss the true history of Shocker basketball. I never had a chance to see the greats like Xavier McDaniel, Cleo Littleton, Dave Stallworth, Aubrey Sherrod, Antoine Carr, Cheese Johnson, Terry Benton, Cliff Levingston, etc play in college. I just get to hear stories of those players from older alumni.
I’m a huge basketball fan; that was my first true love growing up before I ever got into the phenomenon known as football.
As a Wichita State basketball fan I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the great moments, travel to many road games and tournament. I’ve also seen some of the rough times and experienced the late game upsets that put you on the verge of a broken heart. But I must say…… all of those good moments do not compare to what we’re seeing and all those bad moments make this 2013 even more special.
It’s something that is bringing the entire city if not state together. The amount of exposure, free publicity and marketing, the school and city are getting is remarkable. We as in the fans of Wichita State are getting new fans and having old fans return.  Wichita State is back on the map.
Blogging about all my game experiences is something that has crossed my mind but I think I’ll save that all for when the Shockers and their fans hopefully return on Tuesday with a championship.
After losing the top five scorers from the previous year (like Kentucky), no fan in their right mind could have foreseen a Final Four, let alone a chance at winning it all. But here we are, a few days away from the biggest moment in Shocker basketball history.
I love driving down the street and seeing all the Shocker car flags, passing by buildings and seeing Shocker signage, listening to the radio and hearing Shocker congrats. I’m ecstatic and elated.
It’s truly a great time to be a Shocker fan.
Two More.
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