Metro Grill III: Is This The Best Restaurant Trilogy Ever?

Update: Metro Grill III is now closed.
For about 6-7 years now, there’s been a group of four of us who have been grabbing lunch together. As time went by, we’ve slowly been working at farther distances so sometimes it’s hard to gather for lunch. This past week, we finally found time to grab a bite at a restaurant we’ve all heard about for some time now but never been.
Metro Grill III
10096 East 13th St N  Wichita, KS 67206
(316) 631-1454
Do not go to their webpage, the domain has expired. I tried. Fortunately some pornography company didn’t purchase the domain name and turned it into a dirty site.
Metro Grill III is located at the WaterFront off of 13th street. It’s different than the one in Andover named Metro Grill II, different owners, long story and allegedly lots of drama; sounds like the Bachelorette except with restaurants, business, and food…..ok maybe it doesn’t sound like the Bachelorette.
The inside of Metro Grill III has a really nice and upscale look. It really fits the mold of the WaterFront and looks like it belongs. There was about room for 45 people inside and a patio outside that had four tables. When you walk inside, you can really smell the food being cooked. When a friend and I sat down, it almost became a little overwhelming. The smell could definitely stick to your clothes. We decided to go sit on their patio which was perfect since the weather fit accordingly.
Their menu has an assortment of sandwiches, hot dogs, pastas and other items.


Our server recommended to us a Cuban style chicken breast that came with red beans and rice and plantains. It also came with our choice of soup or salad and a drink. To make it easier on our server, we all ordered the exact same thing except for the soup/salad. The soup of the day was roasted white cheddar poblano, when it came out, it was loaded with cheese. Pass. I went with their arugula salad which by the way took me about five times to pronounce correctly. I also ordered their asparagus to go so I could take back to work and snack on. The soup was great according to everybody and I enjoyed the salad. It was a great change of pace from the cheap house salads you get at restaurants.


The fork looks HUGE in this picture
The main lunch entrée was next and it looked filling. First bite into the chicken breast and it was really good. Similar comments were made at the table on how good it was. The plantains were delicious; I haven’t had plantains since I was in Puerto Rico and forgot they were in existence. Red beans and rice….thumbs up there. Everybody was very pleased with how their lunch turned out. The only thing we didn’t know was how much it cost. Looking at the menu, most items on their menu ranged from $6-13 with the exception of the hot dogs which were $4-6. We all guessed around $10-12 and were wrong. It was $15 for the lunch which is a bit pricy for a lunch albeit it a good one. My server then brought me my to go box which I just stored away until later in the day.
All in all, the food was really good, the service was ok and spotty at times, and the prices are a little higher than usual but that’s up to you if you want to pay it. We all said we’d go again but order something different. It just wouldn’t be something we would put on our regular staple of places to eat at for lunch.
Later in the day, I would open my to-go box of asparagus I ordered for $5 and this is what I received.
I wasn’t too happy.
Ummmm……is this the kid’s size order?


Post your comments on what you think about the place.

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4 thoughts on “Metro Grill III: Is This The Best Restaurant Trilogy Ever?”

  1. I loved the Metro Grill when it was at Towne East Mall, got to know the owner pretty well, and yes, there was a LOT of drama surrounding the Andover restaurant, which I'd never gone to. So when you say different owners, do you mean that Michael isn't the owner of Metro III?
    Love the blog! Keep it up 🙂


  2. Michael Gonzalez is still the owner of Metro Grill. The only location in town is 10330 w central Ave Wichita, KS 67212
    The service is amazing now the Hostess not waitresses are all professional super cute and have knowledge about the food. I cant get enough of the Cuban and the tiramisu!

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