Jacky Chan Sushi: What To Expect

The newest sushi restaurant has opened up in Wichita to much fanfare. Jacky Chan Sushi (not a typo) opened on Good Friday and according to the owner, Binh Tran, he was surprised by how busy they were. He ran out of some food on Friday as he wasn’t sure what to expect on his first day.
Binh Tran, who prefers people to call him by his nickname Jacky Chan, has been making sushi for nearly 20 years. He used to work over at Kwan Court and Sakura until they closed and decided it was time to start his own business and that’s how Jacky Chan Sushi came to be.
Jacky Chan Sushi is located at 4910 E Central in the old Sit at Thai Express location which was also a Taco Shop building for the longest time. They are open 11 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 6 pm on Sundays. They feature a drive thru but that is only open from 11 am to 3 pm during the week for the lunch crowd. For those have been to Sit at Thai Express or Taco Shop at that location, you’ll remember it’s a small little quaint place. The new renovation has 7 four tops so the seating is limited and the place is decorated throughout with Asian designs; all done by Jacky Chan’s wife.
They have a large seven page menu that features sushi, noodle and rice dishes, stir fry and some soups. In speaking with Jacky, he has decided to not serve pho at his restaurant as the reception has been pointed mostly towards his sushi and stir fry.
For those wanting alcohol, they should be getting their liquor license by the end of May. As Jacky says, you have to have sake with sushi. It’s a must.
A few friends and I had the chance recently to have a private little dinner and sample an assortment of different menu items. Unfortunately while eating some of the foods, I did a horrible job of note taking as I was too busy socializing and stuffing my mouth with food.
First on the plate for us was a bowl of edamame and a plate full of Jacky Chan fried rice. I really love how he names certain menu items after himself. If I owned a restaurant or a bar, I would make sure there were shots and menu items named after myself. The edamame is always a good appetizer to start off for everyone to pick at and eat. The bowl we had was perfect for my group of four. The Chinese sausage inside the fried rice was the perfect addition to it.
Next up for us was the Jacky Maki which is “red tuna, avocado, smelt roe, sesame, mayo & green onion on top, inside is grilled red snapper, cucumber and mayo.” It’s the feature sushi on his menu and something to try when you go in.
Jacky Chan Maki
The next two items I didn’t get the exact name to it but the first item was something I’ve never had before. It

was a sort of squid umami. It consisted of a fried tofu shell stuffed with squid, sesame, a special Jacky sauce and topped with avocado. You are supposed to eat it like a taco. It was very spicy as only three of four of us were able to finish it. Of course you can always order it milder but if you are one for spicy items, you’ll agree the spicier the better.

Next up was one of his sushi rolls that consisted of a few pieces of fish (from what I recall there was at least squid and tuna). I made the mistake of saying I really love spicy foods as this was made spicy again. I needed more water after this.
The final item we tried was the Teppan Udon with chicken, beef and shrimp. This was a stir fry meal with a mixture of chicken, beef and shrimp all with udon noodles. Of all the items we tried, one of the four mentioned that this was the best of them all. He was a big fan of it and devoured his plate.
That essentially is what you can expect at Jacky Chan Sushi, the newest spot in Wichita to get your sushi fix. I’ll note that one thing Jacky prides himself on is offering creative sushi creations you can’t find anywhere else in Wichita. If you were a fan of Kwan Court or Sakura then you are familiar with Jacky’s work.

Be aware right now, they are only taking cash but expect to take credit/debit cards soon.

I can see this place being a great “fast food” spot for those in the area for lunch with the drive thru. Check them out yourself and let me know what you think.
Otherwise Happy Dining and below you’ll find pictures of their menu.
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