Southeast Carryout: Order The Special!

When it comes to burger options, there are plenty of great options all over the city of Wichita. When you ask which restaurant in Wichita has the best burger, you’ll get all sorts of different responses. I’ve been to so many different places and honestly can’t choose one. I sort of categorize all the burger places so I can name multiple burger places I like.

There’s a particular spot on the southeast side of town that is one of my absolute favorite places to go after a round of golf at Clapp Golf Course. That place is Southeast Carryout.

Southeast Carryout is located at the northeast corner of Harry and Oliver at 1520 South Oliver. It’s connected right next to the Payless Shoe Store. Check out their menu:

Their hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:30 AM-7:45 PM
Sunday 12 PM-3:30 PM

I’ve been going to Southeast Carryout for years.

They’ve been around since 1991 and have been at their current location since 1999. For all the years I’ve been going, I’ve literally only had one menu item which hasn’t changed for me. I always order their “special” which is a 1/3 double cheeseburger deluxe with large fries and a drink; of course I always ask for no cheese. They make their burgers fresh and made to order right in front of you. Note that their burgers are preformed patties and a little thing but you’re getting two patties with the special. The fries are so so but I go there specifically for the burger.

I almost put Southeast Carryout in the “fast food burger” category. The building is a little small so there isn’t much seating. You get your food quick so you eat it and just go. It’s not like ordering a burger at a bar where you also order a beer and sit there for a while. It doesn’t have the restaurant feel to it like TJ’s or TY’s. So by those rules, Southeast Carryout is the best fast food burger or one of them at the very least.

The special will run you a little over $5 which is on par with what you’ll spend at any other fast food place in Wichita but it’s so much better.

For the longest time, Southeast Carryout was cash only but they have recently started accepting debit/credit cards. I totally understand that taking cards takes a bite into the profits for small businesses and try to have cash on me when I go.

If you love a good burger, add Southeast Carryout to your list of places. I’m a big fan of the place as are many of my friends. It’s a small little joint that has been owned by a couple for over 20 years. Every time I go in, they are so friendly to me and any other patrons coming in. Highly recommended!

Have you been? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Dining,

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  1. I feel fortunate to live where I do as far as having decent burgers close by. I live at Mt. Vernon and Edgemoor. Within a mile (or so) of my house there is SE Carryout, Walts @Pawnee and Oliver and Bionic Burger @Harry and Clifton. All three would be at the top of my list for "fast food" best burgers in ICT.

  2. Just went there yesterday after reading this post! The burgers were very good :)I look forward to checking your blog daily to see what i should check out for lunch. Keep it up!!

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