Eastern Cuisine Review

Eastern Cuisine Review (please note the address of this place has changed since the review).

Sometimes when you’re driving around for lunch you run into these unexpected places. I was in the Delano area and decided to stop by Picasso’s Pizza for a quick slice of pizza. I had to park a little further east of the building and ended up right in front of a restaurant I’ve never heard of. The word buffet was on the sign and for whatever reason bright lights and music starts playing in my mind when I see that word. It just intrigues me to see what the options are.  That restaurant was Eastern Cuisine.

Eastern Cuisine is located at 613 W Douglas (Edit: This place has recently moved to 3811 W 13th St since this blog was posted). They’ve been open since around August and serve African food like fried plantains, curry dishes, beef and chicken pilaf, leaven bread, chicken, among other items. All the food is served buffet style so if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of African food, this gives you a chance to try different items to see what you’d like and what you don’t.

I decided to give it a go. The owner of the restaurant was extremely nice when I came in. She was very helpful in explaining what everything was. The place had a real Mom and Pop shop type of feel; I loved it.

I tried some of the bread, the pilaf, different curry items, the chicken and I honestly loved it all. I went back for a couple plates and by the end of the lunch I was ready for a nap.  A very popular item I would later read about is the Tanzanian salad which I didn’t get a chance to try so will have to venture back to Delano for that.

The breakfast buffet is $5.99 and runs until 11 am. The lunch buffet is $8.99 and runs until 5:30 pm. Lastly is the dinner buffet is $9.99 and runs until 8 pm on Sunday through Thursday and until 7:30 pm on Friday. Let me tell you, it’s worth every penny to try something new.

I will definitely be going back and recommend you all try it at least once. It’s a very nice locally owned restaurant which I will always support.
You can also check out their Facebook Page.
Happy Dining All and Happy New Year.

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