Pie Five Pizza Review

One of the big question I’ve had among friends in talking about restaurants is “Have you been to Pie Five yet?”
Pie Five is a quick pizza concept that’s best described as going to Chipotle and ordering a pizza. You walk down the ordering aisle and select your type of crust whether it be the artisan thin, classic pan, whole grain thin or gluten-free for an extra $2 charge. Then after that, you choose your sauce from a list of seven choices. Then it’s on to the toppings where you can select all the cheeses, meats, and veggies you would like on there. Once you select all your toppings, they bake the pizza and it’s ready to go in about five minutes.

The combinations are quite endless and there’s even a list of specialty pizzas you can order from if you’re not too interested in making your own.

On top of the pizza you can then order a dessert to go along with it or a salad that is put inside a pizza crust bowl you can eat.
Got that all down? OK. Well, three locations have opened up in Wichita in the past six months. One over in New Mark Square on Maize Road, one on South Ridge Road near Ridge and Maple and a third that opened last month on North Rock Road by  the southwest corner of Rock and 21st street.
I am not going to lie. Since the east side location opened, my lunch friends and I have stopped by here about four times.
Each time I have designed my pizza using the artisan thin and classic pan crusts. The artisan thin with the spicy marinara sauce has been my favorite combination to use thus far. I look to try the gluten-free crust soon. The pizza crust bowl with the Caesar side salad might be one of my favorite options too. Check out some creations by my friends and me.
The pricing isn’t too bad. A pizza cost $6.99 or you can bundle it with a salad and drink for $9.99. They have a “Circle of Crust” rewards club you can join and earn a free pizza after so many visits and get e-mail notifications on specials like $5 pizza or double points. I must also note, Pie Five also has some of the highest quality plastic cutlery I’ve ever seen.
When the east side location first opened, the lines were pretty crazy and it was about a 30-40 minute wait from getting in line to getting your food. Since then, it’s calmed down and takes me around 10 minutes go get my food max.
So to answer the question my friends have been asking me. “Yes I’ve been and yes, I think it’s good.”  My friends have enjoyed the place too and we’ve since added it to our regular rotation of restaurants to go to for lunch.
Give it a try yourself; I’d love to see what you think
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