Must Try Menu Item: Da Cajun Shak

Occasionally I get text messages from my friend that say, “Have you been to this restaurant?” or “What do you suggest I get from this restaurant?”
An opinion on food can change drastically from person to person. Try going to one restaurant with six or seven people and you can see it for yourself. But for the purpose of this blog, some of you obviously hold a wee bit of value in my opinion on food in Wichita.
I figured I could start a new type of blog called “Must Try Menu Item” for those who like to try out new restaurants and want to have your choice made for you. Sometimes I’m the same way, I’ll walk into a restaurant and ask what is the most popular item on the menu and just order that.
For the first entry, let’s head out east to Da Cajun Shak. A restaurant whose motto states “Where a Taste of Louisiana Comes to Wichita”. There’s an assortment of Cajun items on the menu that all sounds so good, it makes your choice difficult.
Let me decide for you. The “Must Try Menu Item” at Da Cajun Shak is the Cajun Meatloaf. It’s by far my favorite meatloaf in the city given it’s impact of flavor and uniqueness. To my knowledge, you cannot find this anywhere.
The description on the menu for the Cajun Meatloaf states, “Meatloaf only the way a Cajun can cook it; slow cooked to bring out all the flavor and topped with our Crawfish Etouffee and served with Jambalaya and fried Okra.” The lunch portion is $9.99 and the dinner portion is $11.99.
I’ve had quite a few things on this menu from the Chicken Lafayette to the Gumbo to the Catfish to the Jambalaya and this is by far my favorite item on the menu. I introduced it to a friend recently that possibly loved it as much as I did.
So if you head over to 6249 E 21st St N, I highly recommend the Cajun Meatloaf. It’s worth every penny and will leave you wanting more.

Happy Dining,

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