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District Taqueria is here! What is a taqueria exactly?
A taqueria is a restaurant that specializes in tacos. It makes sense if you look at the word but until looking it up online, I had no idea what it meant. With that grammar lesson out of the way, I bring you the latest restaurant review: District Taqueria.
District Taqueria is Wichita’s newest taco restaurant and bar. It is located at 917 E Douglas in the ill-fated Jon’s Ale House (that didn’t get the best review on here) and the infamous Kelly’s Irish Pub, the same bar that offered 3 for 1’s while I was in college. To this day, I still blame them for the C I received in Finance 360.
District Taqueria’s menu includes an assortment of creative street tacos with fresh tortillas made daily by La Tradicion (as was featured on this blog a few years ago). They also have a fully stocked bar with a wide selection of tequila’s and margarita’s. They are open until midnight during the week, 2 am from Thursday – Saturday and closed on Sunday.
Website (with menu included): http://www.districttaqueria.com/
This new taco restaurant opened up recently in February so some of my friends haven’t even heard about it when I was asking some of them. Recently a couple of them were able to join me in finding out whether District Taqueria is, as Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner puts it, a zero or a hero.
To those familiar with Jon’s Ale House or Kelly’s Irish Pub, this restaurant has the exact same open thin layout. The major difference now is District Taqueria has much better lighting and is more comforting inside. Everything’s cleaned up and there’s better décor around. It’s not so depressing.
To start everything off, we had the chips, salsa and guacamole. My friends both ordered margarita’s that they liked and I declined because as a loyal and responsible working citizen, I try to avoid drinking during the week! (Try, being the keyword). For the record, my friends did like the margaritas. As for the salsa, it had a lot of cilantro to it, had a minor kick to but still pretty good. The guacamole was much better than the salsa in our opinion. The chips and salsa cost around $3.25 and you get a good amount for that price.
For dinner, I ordered a Pork Carnita Taco, a Chicken Achiote Taco, a Steak Carne Asada Taco and the Pacific Fish Taco. My other friends ordered a mixture of what I had ordered minus the fish taco. The tacos run around $3 a piece or $7.50-$8.50 for three depending on what you order. Service was pretty quick on the order and we received our tacos in no time.
You would be surprised how filling a 4 and a half inch street taco can fill you up. One difference I noticed in these street tacos compared to others around Wichita is they do not short you on the amount of meat and toppings included in them. Some people may think $3 for a street taco is on the pricier side compared to other establishments in town but take note of two things: 1.) They don’t skimp on the fillings and 2.) This place is located downtown so there is a premium on it compared to going to north Broadway.
Overall, my favorite was the Chicken Achiote taco. One of my friends who ordered it also shared the same sentiment. The habanero salsa and the pineapples mixed together was quite the combination with the chicken. Following the Chicken Achiote taco was the Steak Carne Asada taco. One of my friend’s favorite was the braised Beef Barbacoa Taco. As for the Pacific Fish Taco, it was pretty good. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite but part of that could have been the other tacos were simply just better. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve had a GREAT fish taco outside of a chain called Fuzzy’s when I was in Dallas so I am extremely bias but the Chicken Achiote taco is a definite way to go. You’ll be satisfied if you order that.
At the end of dinner, a friend commented, “Wow I’m pretty full right now.” He couldn’t have said it better. Three to four of their street tacos will fill you up. I’ve read some differencing opinions on the service but for us, it was great. We sat at the bar and our server was positive, friendly and on top of everything.
Nothing but positive things to say about District Taqueria. Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner would be proud. It’s a great addition to the host of restaurants located downtown which that area could use more of. Don’t be confused with the area it’s at, it may have a fully stocked bar but it’s certainly not bar food. 
Check it out yourself. And if you have, please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

Happy Dining,

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  1. I've been there several times & the food, drink & atmosphere are wonderful!! Service can be slow – but they are busy & it's worth the wait!!

  2. Just throwing this out there because you mention Fuzzy's in DFW area: if you are back in DFW, Austin, or now Denver and think Fuzzy's is good then you need to stop at Torchy's. 100x better.

  3. If this is somewhere you like to frequent, buy a Local Legacy card! They offer 15% off your entire ticket! My mom and I ate there a few weeks ago for pretty darn cheap! Let alone you can get discounts like that on over 100 other businesses in Wichita. For buying a $10 card, I can make that back easily in what I save going out to eat. They actually just added Tanya's Soup Kitchen, that is definitely my next stop!

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