Hot Stone Korean Grill Review

For around eight years now, there has been a little Korean restaurant posted up at the deeper corner of northeast Wichita. It’s a restaurant I’ve gone to many times by myself, with friends and with co-workers. It’s a review I’ve been meaning to write about for probably 3-4 years now. It’s a place I always highly recommend to people asking for something to eat at a spot they’ve never been to. It’s Hot Stone Korean Grill.

Hot Stone Korean Grill is located at 3743 N. Rock Road, close to the southwest corner of the intersection. They serve predominantly Korean and Japanese food; have beer, sake and soju (which is a Korean liquor) on hand. Many of your staples like Bibimap, Teriyaki, and Bulgogi dishes are on the menu.

You can view their menu on their Facebook page.

Inside the place is pretty calming; the paint on the wall is a very soothing yellow that isn’t loud or obnoxious. I’m not an interior decorator and rarely notice things like what painting is on a wall, what décor is sitting on a shelf, or even when a girl gets a haircut, but for some reason the inside of the building struck a chord with me. Moving on………….

They have a great lunch menu that features many popular dishes in a Bento Box that comes with rice, tempura, vegetables, salad and cooked bean sprouts; all priced between $6.95-$10.95. I’ve had every single type of bulgogi dish on their menu from beef to chicken to squid to shrimp (all spicy or not) and every time I’ve been 100% pleased with their offerings.

Their dinner portions are larger and include steamed rice, miso soup, and Kimchi-bean sprouts (or green salad) and are sure to fill your appetites by the end of your meal. You won’t go hungry.

If you’re a fan of kimchi, their offering here is excellent too. I find myself usually getting a plate and knocking it out before lunchtime.

This has been a common lunch staple for my group of friends for many years. If you trust a portion of my judgment, Hot Stone Korean Grill will not let you down; one of the best Korean restaurants in town. The service is always friendly coming in except for the one time I went into lunch by myself and my server asked me, “Do you have any friends or family?” I felt really depressed about life for a short second until I realized she was kidding (or was she?).

Regardless, make it a point to get yourself over to 3743 N Rock Road.

Happy Dining,

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