Jason’s Deli Review

It’s not too often I review a place that is on a national level but in some cases I do because it is very good or it is not my choice to go to.

Last week it was the latter. Seeing as it was my father’s birthday, my parents made the decision for the entire family to have his birthday dinner with the kids and grandchildren at a healthier option than something overly greasy or fatty. And well my mother wanted a salad and what she says, usually goes!

Jason’s Deli was the choice. They are a national chain with two locations in Wichita. One in Bradley Fair at 2000 N Rock Road and another at 7447 W 21st St N. It’s a deli that specializes in sandwiches, salads, and pastas. Both locations also feature one of the bigger salad bars you will see in the city.

You can view the Wichita menu here.

For dinner, three of us had the salad bar options along with a cup of soup. They usually offer ten soups on the menu. Of all the soups, the chicken noodle, fire roasted tortilla, southwest chicken chili, chili and spicy seafood gumbo are among my favorites. I’ve honestly never NOT enjoyed one of their soups there (how’s that for a double negative?).


My father had the The New York Yankee (3/4 pound combo of corned beef and pastrami, swiss on toasted rye) while my brother and sister-in-law each had the Beefeater (1/2 pound of hot roast beef, provolone, mayo, toasted on New Orleans French bread with a cup of au jus). To round out the dinner, my niece had the kids Mac & Cheese and my 2½ week old nephew was too hungover from partying the night before and slept through dinner.

All in all, everybody was very happy with their dinner. The salad bar, I believe, is one of the best values in the city. It’s not too often my mother eats out so when she does, it’s usually a place she really likes. She won’t waste her time eating at a place she’s not a fan of. My father really liked the huge monstrosity that was the New York Yankee and both my brother and sister-in-law liked the Beefeater. I couldn’t get a gauge on how good the kids Mac and Cheese was because it seems to take twenty hours for a four year old to eat. After three bites, she couldn’t wait for the free ice cream offered. I don’t eat ice cream but dipping their mini-muffins in pudding is an excellent alternative!

Overall, Jason’s Deli is a quality establishment. It’s very clean inside and is a constant option for work lunches, random dinners or the occasional stop for a soup in the winter time. They have a great selection of items to choose from such as super sized potatoes to the penne pasta and meatballs that I really love.

If I had to make one complaint about Jason’s Deli, it’d be this. No Ducks Allowed Inside.

Happy Dining Folks!

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