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The beauty of Wichita restaurants is there is such an eclectic mix of options here. There are so many different ethnicities of food here; some you and I have never even had before. The latest review is from a Marrakech Café.
Marrakech Café is located at 6257 E 21st St at the southwest corner of 21st and Woodlawn. It’s located in a building just east of where Da Cajun Shak is. As you can guess by the name of the restaurant, they serve Moroccan food, along with Mediterranean food. Inside the building was bigger than I thought it’d be. The restaurant is very clean and well kept; I was impressed.
A few friends were able to join me for this dining adventure. We all read the reviews of this place. Going in, they all seemed to be better than average to really good.
Having never been there, I asked our server what the most popular thing on the menu was. She

mentioned three things, the bastilla, the chicken or beef shawarma or the lamb.

I ended up going with the rice with lamb along with a side fattoush salad, another friend had the beef shawarma, another friend tried the beef halal shawarma and my last friend had the spicy lamb. (I included pictures of the menu at the end of the blog for reference on what each is). We also ordered waters with our meal for reference.
It took around 20 minutes to get our lunch order; a little on the slow side considering the restaurant wasn’t busy. When we did, we were not given utensils or our water. We waited to see if it would happen and it never did. So we had to formally ask for our water.
The meals themselves were tasty. There wasn’t a single complaint from anybody on the actual flavor of the food. The two of us who had the lamb were pleased with our lunch. The meat came off the bone fairly easy; there wasn’t much trouble in that regard. My friends who had the beef halal shawarma which was essentially a beef shawarma sandwich enjoyed his meal. He did mention it wasn’t great but on the flipside it wasn’t bad at all. My other friend who had the beef shawarma liked her lunch and was happy with the hummus that came with her meal. After all this, I realized my server forgot to bring me my side fattoush salad but by then I was starting to get full and decided it wasn’t worth telling my server as long as I wasn’t charged for it.




Our final thoughts after the meal were:
  • The lunches were good to delicious depending on who you asked but prices were pretty pricey for what you got for lunch.
  • The service left A LOT to be desired. I’ve honestly never been to a restaurant where they forgot to bring you your drinks. The long wait time and forgetting to bring the silverware just added to the mess and then forgetting to bring out a portion of a food order was the fourth strike.
  • Good food. Bad service. That was essentially the vibe we got from Marrakech Café.
If you value good food and a local business, this could be worth the try for you. Just be cautious about the service you may get. Who knows, it could be better than ours.



Have you been? I’d love to read your thoughts. 
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