Mediterranean Grill Reviewed

Does anybody have one of those restaurants they’ve driven by over thousands of times in their life but have never been to? I know I have and Mediterranean Grill is one of those.

Mediterranean Grill is obviously a Mediterranean restaurant that specializes in such things as hummus, shawarma, lamb shanks, pasta and an assortment of other different menus. I was looking for a salad on Saturday afternoon to change up my meal away from what I’ve been eating and noticed there was a Groupon available. On a whim, I decided to stop in for a quick bite to eat. With a Groupon in hand, I was determined to eat $20 worth of food.

Mediterranean Grill is located at 335 S. Armour. That is just west of Towne East Square; located in the same lot as the closed down Target (if you’re reading this and drinking, please pour one for our homie, Target. I miss that place).
If you’re interested to see what’s on their menu, here’s a link. 

Browsing through the menu, I wasn’t sure what to order. Seeing as it’s a Mediterranean restaurant, it was a must that I ordered a side of hummus. The pita bread alone that was served with the hummus was possibly the best I’ve ever heard. It was fresh, soft and delicious, I’d consider ordering just the pita bread. As for the hummus, it was delicious. It was an excellent start to what would hopefully be an excellent meal.

Seeing as how I’ve been eating burgers a lot lately, I wanted to try something a wee bit healthier for lunch. I went with the Fattoush salad with salmon. That also did not disappoint. The salmon was cooked just right, was flaky enough, and did not have an overly fishy taste to it. The portion size was big enough that I was full by the end of the meal.
By the end of the meal, I was not interested in ordering any more food so I asked to have a random diners hummus order added to my ticket to reach my $20 Groupon. Figured that would be more worthwhile than ordering something to go and risk the food sitting in my fridge until 2016 and start wondering where the funky smell in my fridge was coming from.

The service was top notch as well. My server was very kind, polite and made a solid effort to make sure my water was full or if I had any questions or problems with my meal.

Overall, my trip to Mediterranean Grill was a solid one. The most upsetting part was that I’ve been by there so many times and never stopped in.
If you’re reading this on April 12th, there is a Dealsaver and Groupon out for this restaurant. I definitely recommend this to everybody out there looking for a good meal at a good price.
Have you been? Please comment below as I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Happy Dining,

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