Must Try Menu Item: Thai Tradition

There is one restaurant I’ve always meant to write a review on but have never got around to: Thai Tradition.

Thai Tradition is located in Carriage Parkway at 650 N Carriage Parkway Ste 120. It’s close by Edgemoor and Central. If you are familiar with where the Taco Bell is off of Central or for those who have lived here longer, the Blockbuster Video, it’s right down the street from there; tucked away north of those buildings by the old Kobe Steakhouse.

I’ve been going to Thai Tradition for about a decade now. Oddly enough, the very first time I went here I felt the place was overrated. Through the years, I’ve come to really love their food. It’s amazing how taste buds can evolve over time.

This is actually a restaurant I’ve been asked about many times in the past. I’ll get the text that go, “Hey I’m at Thai Tradition, what should I get?”, “Any good Thai Food in Wichita?”, or “Do you want to go grab a drink?” to which I’ll respond, “how about let’s go to Thai Tradition.”

In the next installment of the blog feature, “Must Try Menu Item”, we are going to touch upon Thai Tradition. It’s for those who like to try out new restaurants and want to have your choice made for you.

For the second entry, we head out to Thai Tradition. There’s a great selection of Thai food there. I really think they have an excellent hot and sour soup but that’s not the must try menu item. That title goes to the Pad Thai.

You’re going to a Thai restaurant so it’s a no-brainer you have to go with pad Thai. It’s a staple of any Thai place but the difference between Thai Tradition and any other Thai restaurant you could possibly try is that Thai Tradition does it THE BEST. (notice the capitalization of every letter in the best for extra effect; it’s that good).

Besides the hot and sour soup at Thai Tradition, the pad Thai is essentially the only item I will now order on the menu. It’s something nearly all of my friends have tried there who’ve been there and not one unhappy customer.

Thai Tradition gets a large number of carryout orders a day and I’m so curious to find out what percentage is just their pad Thai. If it was mathematically possible, I’d say 200% of their orders in a day are Pad Thai because it’s that good. Every time I order it, I get it with no bean sprouts and most times extra spicy. When you order it, you can tell the waiter how spicy you want it. I always say, the spicier the better.

If you’re in that area of town, give this a try. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Dining,

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