Paleteria La Reyna Review

On a random search for a lunch spot, I reached out to one of my trusted foodie friends to ask for a suggestion. Knowing he would probably ask for type of food, I threw out Mexican food. Instantly, he replied “Paleteria La Reyna”. I’ve heard of it before but wasn’t familiar with where it was at or what the name of the restaurant means.

Moving on, Paleteria La Reyna is located at 2925 N Arkansas St; close to the southwest corner of 29th and Arkansas. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in that area of town and from what I was able to look up, this was highly recommended not just by my friend but many others.

That afternoon, I was joined by a friend and we were quite amazed by what we saw. We heard they served ice cream but little did we know, this restaurant is a full scale ice cream parlor with ice cream, ice pops, sundaes, and shaved ice or as they call it “raspa”. Most of the frozen treats cost around $1.50-3 for the basic items.


To start off, I wanted to keep my meal small so I went with three tacos; one carne molida (ground beef), one al pastor (spiced pork) and one pollo (chicken). My friend went with the beef enchilada. The tacos ran $2 a piece and the beef enchilada was $7.99.

We were given homemade chips and salsa before the meal. The chips were of high quality, not too greasy or flimsy. The chips had just the right amount of crunch to them. I hate going to restaurants and getting chips and salsa and the bottom of your basket is all small broken chips. This wasn’t the case. All solid chips and the salsa was just as good. If you like a lot of cilantro in your salsa, you’ll like it here. Excellent start to the meal.

How about them tacos? While I’m sitting at home, writing this blog I can’t help but want to go back. The tacos themselves were all delicious. In hindsight, I should have ordered more. The spiced pork was my favorite followed by the ground beef and then the chicken. I just love authentic Mexican tacos and Paleteria La Reyna is right up there with the best of them in the city.

On the flipside, my friend thought the enchilada was ok. She said it lacked a little bit of flavor and was a little on the dry side. The rice was delicious but she wished she had ordered the tacos instead.

e were both stuff by the end of lunch but on the way out I had to make sure I ordered some ice cream. I went with the first lactose item I saw: a mango sherbet with chili powder. It was such an odd combination of items I’ve never seen that I had to order it. Let me tell you its one of the more intriguing deserts I’ve ever had. I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t love it but yet I finished the whole thing. I do know that I intend on going back and ordering again. So maybe I did like it.

The service there was excellent. Everybody was extremely friendly and helpful with any questions I had. Sometimes you get the vibe on people that are really genuine. That’s how I felt with the employees there.

Overall if you go to Paleteria La Reyna, really give the tacos a try and from everybody I’ve ever talked to, they just rave about the ice cream. I love all of you readers but just couldn’t take one for the team and eat dairy that afternoon with a full day of work still ahead of me.

Have you been to Paleteria La Reyna? I’d love to read your comments and opinions on the place. Any other suggestions for authentic tacos in Wichita, just shoot away. I’m sure I’ll add them to my ever growing list of restaurants to try out.

Happy Dining and Have a Good Weekend.

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  1. Those tacos are so freaking addictive. I usually eat 3, but could probably eat a dozen.
    Thankfully they remodeled some recently so the place looks less like the 1980's.

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