Project Best Wichita Burger

All restaurants in Wichita……..we are putting you on alert! It’s time to finally settle who really has the best burger in Wichita!

Welcome everybody to my latest project I’m now calling: Project Best Wichita Burger. Please excuse the lack of creativity of the name going into this. My brain is more focused on burgers than branding. There’s always a big debate among friends who has the best burgers. I’ve seen many reviews on places. I’ve read blogs covering a handful of burger places but has there ever been a comprehensive review of at least 25 places? That’s my goal. To go to as many as possible and write the biggest blog on Wichita burger places there has ever been. Go big or go home right?

This past week on our Facebook Page who you should all like and on our Twitter Page which you should all follow, I’ve been taking suggestions for people’s opinion on the best burger in Wichita. I’ve taken all those suggestions and narrowed down my list to those that were highly recommended or have had big followings.

I’m going to try to make it a goal to only go to locally owned restaurants in Wichita. Keep the dollars here. There are a few restaurants that did make my list for cities surrounding Wichita. I kept those options minimal and only put ones on my list that were highly recommended by others.

I also am trying to stick to places that are known for their burgers. I received some suggestions like Bella Luna and Cheddar’s but voted against it. While those restaurants are good in their own right, let’s try to keep this with burger places. Plus if the restaurant has the name “Burger” in it, I felt completely obligated to go to.

I’ve spoken with a couple doctors and plan on getting my cholesterol checked towards the beginning and at the end. Please pray for me during this. I’m literally putting my life on the line here for your reader enjoyment and to settle some debates.

Rating Scale. I’m going to rate each burger on number scale based on the following five criteria.

Burger Quality: A good burger needs quality meat, and should be filling. Thick burgers are good but if it’s a thin patty, the flavor should make up for it. The burger should also be properly seasoned. If asked, all burgers will be ordered medium. Let’s face it, this is the most important part of the burger.

Burger Juiciness: A dry burger is a big no no. As I read somewhere, it should be juicy enough that you’re reaching for a napkin after every bite.

The Bun: A bad bun can change the whole burger experience. The bun should not be so big it engulfs the actual burger. The bun isn’t the leading character in the meal, it’s the meat. The role of the bun is just to be a holder of the meat and absorb the juices of the meat. It shouldn’t be overcooked, too hard or too soft.

The Toppings: The only toppings I will allow on any burger is lettuce, mayo, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. It’s up to the restaurant to decide what goes on their regular burger. I will not allow any other toppings like cheese, mushrooms, bacon, etc. I want to keep this all consistent between every restaurant and basic. All toppings should be kept at a minimum as not to hide the flavor of the meat. Quality of toppings? Gotta keep it fresh!

The Price: This is Wichita, not New York. No need to charge big time prices for a town like Wichita. On the flip side, if a regular burger is expensive but taste like gold, I’m OK with that. I just want to ensure that I get the most out of every dollar I’m spending on a burger. In every restaurant I go into, I’m just going to order a burger but for everybody will take notes of what it cost to order fries as well whether it be separately or included in a meal plan. With as many burger places I’m going to, it’s best I avoid fries to minimize the health risk I’m about to dive into.


To rehash everything, here’s how a burger order for me will go. I’m going to order a restaurants basic hamburger option, whatever size they give me is whatever their basic burger is. I’m keeping it to just a single patty as well. If the option is given to me, I’m going to order all burgers cooked medium. For the toppings, the restaurant has the option of offering me lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes, ketchup and mustard. It’s up to them to determine how much of the toppings go on their basic hamburger. I will also avoid ordering fries and stick to just the burger and stick with water. If there is a meal deal that ends up being cheaper, I’ll order the meal and eat the hamburger first so as not to interfere with my judgment. I’m hoping the water is clean in some of the dives I’ll be going into to.

So far I’ve compiled a list of close to 30 restaurants that I hope to narrow down to 25 for my sanity, taste buds, and health. After speaking to a doctor on what pace I should do this at, it’s likely I’ll be done with this project by late May-early June.

If you have any questions or last minute suggestions on restaurants I’m always open to them. Until then, I’m really going to cut down on eating out. I’ve been told that if I do this project I must eat healthier outside of the burgers and exercise more. If I attach a dumbbell to a cocktail glass, I wonder if that would count. Hmmmmmm.

I will periodically make some posts on here with simply just pictures of burgers I’ve tried out with no labels on them. A little way to keep you all up to date on how the project is going and also to keep me motivated to keep chugging along.

Everybody has a calling in life, I think I’ve finally found mine. Wish me luck on this new endeavor to find Wichita’s Best Burger. I would come up with a logo for this but my paint shop skills are old.

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  1. EB – my son and I have always thought about doing this. I will be interested to hear about this journey for you. If you need company, you can always count on me (SHOXMVC). Good luck my friend and "Happy Eating."

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