Rita’s Italian Ice Review (CLOSED)

Rita’s Italian Ice (aka Rita’s of Wichita according to their Facebook page and franchise website) has been open for under a year now and have made many happy kids in that time.

Their motto is “Ice, Custard, Happiness” and I was on a mission to find if all those were true. Rita’s is a franchise with a location in Wichita and another on the way downtown. The current location is at 2929 N. Rock Road in the Comotara Center right next door to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

At Rita’s you can order Italian Ice or Custard. They have all sorts of different flavors to choose from and if you are feeling frisky you can mix the two for a blend.


Some Italian Ice Fun

After reviewing Churn and Burn with some of the kids in my family, one of my nieces wasn’t there for it. I felt kind of bad so wanted to make sure she was able to get in on a future review. So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I picked her and her best friend…..aka her cousin up, and we made our way out to Rita’s for some of their Italian Ice.

On our Saturday Dessert Date, we stuck to the Italian Ice and did not order any custard. The kids eyes lit up with the choices of Italian Ice they were able to choose from. One of the kids eyes were immediately glued on to “Mango” or as she called it “Peach”. Another had their eyes dead set on the “Berry Blue” or as she called it “Blue”. We asked the employee for a sample of the both of them and their minds were made up. They didn’t want to try any other one. I sampled the Root Beer and it was pretty good but not sure I wanted an entire cup of it so I went with the “Fruit Punch”. Between two small cups and one large cup, it was $7.

There were two patio tables outside but both were taken so we were forced to sit inside. We grabbed our cups of Italian Ice, found our tables, and I made sure to gather a crate full of napkins because there was sure to be a mess.

Newest Invention: The Kamikaze!!!!

Everybody tried the other persons Italian Ice and the unanimous favorite among everyone was my Fruit Punch. What did that mean? Well that meant I would be eating Berry Blue and Mango while the kids ate the Fruit Punch. You can’t go wrong with the traditional Fruit Punch. Suddenly the kids had this realization. They thought it’d be cool to dip their spoons in each of the three cups and try them all at once. On their first bite, they thought they just came up with the best idea ever as if nobody had ever come up with it. With a slow eyeroll and a slightly sarcastic tone, I suggested they call it a “Kamikaze” to which they thought that was the most amazing concept ever. Fifteen years from now, they will be telling their friends they invented the Kamikaze drink just like all these years later I still tell people that my friends, Romy and Michelle, and I invented Post-It Notes.

Overall it was a great time eating Italian Ice, chatting about four year old boyfriends they had, Frozen bedsheets and underwear their mom got them, peeing their pants, and clogged up toilets……don’t ask why. They brought it up. Rita’s Italian Ice is nothing out of this world; it’s just good ole’ fashion Italian Ice that all kids would love. It’s a great environment to bring kids into. We can confirm that at least two of the three items in Rita’s motto is provided in Ice and Happiness.

I asked my nieces for their final thoughts on their Italian Ice and I was told, “You’re the best uncle Eddy.”……………..such brown nosers. I know their real intentions. They want to go again.

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Happy Dining.

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