Angela’s Cafe Review – An Authentic Mexican Gem (CLOSED)


Yep….it’s that small

Angela’s Cafe has been on my long list of restaurants I’ve been wanting to try for the longest time. It seems like most times I drive by it looks packed and I keep driving down the road. On Thursday, I decided that regardless of how many cars are in the parking lot I would be going.

I’ve heard many positive things about Angela’s Cafe; some people even calling it some of the best authentic Mexican food you will find in town.

Angela’s Cafe is located at 901 E. Central. It’s right at the southeast corner of Central and Mosley. They are open from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm on Monday Thru Friday and on Saturday from 11 am to 5:30 pm.

The building is tiny. It’s probably smaller than most two car garages. Inside, the place reeks of authentic Mexican from the decorations and decor spaced throughout the inside. The walls are all sherbet orange; not sure if that’s an official Crayola crayon color. If it isn’t someone needs to make one. There are about 9 tables inside and I’d be surprised if the place can seat 35 people.

When you get seated, you’re given one complimentary basket of chips and two small little cups of salsa. If you’d like another basket of chips it’s 99 cents and then 65 cents for more salsa. I quickly went through the complimentary basket by myself so if you are eating with a table of 2-4 you will likely need a second basket if not more. The two salsas were hot and mild. Both of them were fantastic and delicious. The mild salsa had a tomato-ey taste to it but a surprisingly amazing after taste. It’s the type of salsa that you’d want to drink. The hot salsa was equally amazing. It wasn’t overly spicy but had a great little kick to it with the jalapeno seeds scattered throughout the salsa.

I read many different reviews on Angela’s Cafe and had no idea what to order so I figured I’d leave it all up to my server. The fate of the review was all in her hands. I asked her for suggestions and she pointed out a couple meals but said a big favorite was the Green Chili Burrito. For $8.99, it was a pork meat and bean burrito smothered with chile verde and cheese. Fortunately I had some lactose pills with me so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I ordered the Green Chili Burrito and added a side of rice for $1.99.

There was an older lady in the back working hard making everything herself. Occasionally customers would come in and she would greet them and have conversations with them while cooking. You could tell this place has it’s fair share of regulars. Then there was my lonesome self eating lunch with my best friend……my cell phone.

When my lunch arrived at my table, you could tell the burrito was still steaming hot. I still cut off a piece and took a bite which nearly burned the roof of my mouth. So what did I do next? Cut off another piece and nearly burned the roof of my mouth. The first bite was so good I wanted to taste it again regardless of the pain I was going to endure. The green chili sauce was made with habaneros, jalapenos, Anaheim chiles and I believe magic. The magic is what made the green chili sauce great and the green chili sauce is what made the burrito wonderful. The rice wasn’t half bad; it was much better after I drizzled it with the hot salsa.

By the end of lunch, I had a happy plate. Kindergarten Eddy would have been really proud of me. The moment I got back to work, I could barely walk from being so full. I was also hoping that work would institute nap time but they didn’t Kindergarten Eddy would have been upset post lunch.

The people who say Angela’s Cafe is one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants are right. The staff there is very pleasant. The food is delicious. My main complaint is its too bad they don’t have a bigger building but alas they don’t so if the place is busy, get carryout. If it’s not, enjoy the ambiance that is Angela’s Cafe.

It’s a great little gem in Wichita. Try it and let me know what you think!

Lastly, whatever you do avoid any links that say it’s the Angela’s Cafe website. There is an unofficial Facebook page and an Urbanspoon listing with a webpage that says citysupermalls……I clicked it and it takes you to an adult website. And I’m not talking about adult website like CNN or WebMD……

Otherwise Happy Dining!

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  1. Have eaten there many times over the years and the food is always excellent and served piping hot. I really like little places to eat at where there is a good vibe and Angela's has had that vibe for since the 70's.

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