Costco a Month Away!

Who’s excited for the opening of Costco? We are inching closer and closer to the June 3rd opening date.

The warehouse is due to open on June 3rd at 8 am. At the Grand Opening there will be a ribbon cutting and then they will be opening the doors to the public. There will be many products being sampled that day and they will have some exciting items as well. The product lineup has yet to be lined up but if I get any information on that, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

There is a private opening night party that takes place the night before on June 2nd that will not be open to the public. Let’s say it could be beneficial to sign up for a membership early. You can do that here or I know there is also a kiosk set up at Towne East Mall where you can sign up.

For those that follow Wichita By EB on Facebook, we will have a product giveaway on our page. So be sure to Like Us there to have a chance at winning.

In the meantime, I’ve had the chance to sample some more items from Costco. I’ve tried out two different items and will be trying a new one tomorrow. Two of the items I’ve sampled were the Kirkland Brand milk chocolate raisins and the Kirkland brand milk chocolate almonds.

I didn’t just sample them by myself, I shared them with all my coworkers who were eager to stop by my desk for the two days I had them out. My personal thoughts were they were both very delicious and like Pringles chips in the fact that ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’. The moment I opened the jar, my mouth was like a vacuum just engulfing each raisin and each almond.

Sharing them with my coworkers were no different. I’d have someone stop by and say, “I’m trying to eat really good this week.” Moments later, their mouths would be stuffed. By far the run away favorite between the two snacks were the chocolate covered almonds. One moment, I have a full jar of almonds, head to some meetings, come back and they are completely gone. Even in other areas of my office, I can hear the buzz with the upcoming opening. Coworkers who moved to Wichita from other cities have nothing but high praise for Costco, their products, their customer service and their quality.

So let me ask again, who’s excited for the opening of Costco?


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