M.I.F. Deli Review

Established 1969

For 46 years, M.I.F. Deli has been serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food to the great citizens of Wichita.

They are located at 5618 E Central which is close to Edgemoor and Central just east of the McDonald’s at that intersection. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 11 am – 8 pm, Saturday 11 am – 3 pm and closed on Sundays. You can check out their Facebook page for the menu.

According to their website:

Our daily specials offer a variety of delicious tantalizing homemade specialties such as, chicken puffed pastry, grilled salmon over rice, grilled chicken over humus topped w/tomatoes and pine nuts. All of our entrees come with our made from scratch soup or salad. 

We’re well known for our one of a kind homemade tomato soup and the home of the famous homemade meat & cheese pies, spinach-feta pies and beirocks that are made fresh from scratch daily.  

For the person into something light try our chicken gyros made with all white meat, chicken pot pie, curry chicken, fattouch, pasta salad, tabouli, cabbage rolls, grape leaves, humos or our gourmet sandwiches that are sinfully tasteful that leaves you full but without the guilt.

I stopped in for lunch last week as I’ve only had their hummus before and have been meaning to try their regular meals out for at least 46 years now……yep…..even before I was conceived I’ve been wanting to try M.I.F. Deli.

Looking at their menu, there looked to be some awesome options to choose from like their advertised famous homemade meat pies as seen on their front window. But something else caught my eye, I went ahead and ordered he Lamb Gyro (marinated lamb pieces, seasoned to perfection, served in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes and our special dressing). Their sandwiches are served with chips and a pickle. I upgraded my meal to include  a salad and went with the fattoush; all of this for $9.50.

There were a lot of carryout orders being picked up at the time I came in; I was quite surprised at the number of people that came in. It seems like most of the times I drive by it doesn’t look too busy. So it was good to see these guys getting some good business. Even with the amount of orders they had coming in, my Lamb Gyro and salad came out fairly quickly.

I set the chips aside as I wasn’t in the mood for Lay’s chips and kicked off my lunch with the salad. First few bites in and wow, one of the better fattoush salads I’ve had in the city. The dressing wasn’t too much; very clean taste. I wish I had more of it. Next up was the Lamb Gyro. I will start off by saying I haven’t had the greatest luck with gyro’s in the city. Granted I haven’t had a lot of them so my sample size is rather small. The Lamb Gyro at M.I.F. Deli was a very good size. I knew I would not have room for anything else in my stomach if I finished it. I took a deep breathe and then took a bite in and suddenly John Legend music started playing in my mind, “Cause all of me…..loves all of you!!!!”


It’s like a love song

Yes it was that good. After I was halfway done with the gyro, I could sit there and say it’s the best gyro I’ve had in Wichita. Everything about the gyro was just divine and tasty. The lamb wasn’t dry, the pita bread was soft, the entire gyro was “my end and my beginning……even when I eat it I’m winning.” Sorry, I’ll stop with the John Legend quotes there.

I went into lunch not expecting much and wasn’t left leaving with the feeling that I must go back soon and try their homemade pies to see if it’s as good as the gyro. It’s no coincidence why I saw so many people coming in and getting their carryout orders.

The service……….perfect. I had a kind young gentleman taking care of me and every other patron in the restaurant and he worked hard making sure everybody was well taken care of. I sit here and give a strong recommendation for M.I.F. Deli. You won’t be disappointed.

It doesn’t end there. While checking out, I saw some baklava on display for $1.99 a piece. Figured I could bring some back to give to my co-workers to get their thoughts. (Of note, they are gluten free!). Two of my co-workers have never had baklava and were very impressed with it. The third was already a fan of baklava so it would be no surprise to her how good it was. I’ll even add that I’m not a big fan of baklava but enjoyed mine. It had a good texture and flavor compared to the last time I had it at N&J’s.

Bring yourself over to M.I.F. Deli everybody. It’s right up there with all the other really good Mediterranean restaurants in the city.

Happy Dining,

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