Must Try Menu Item: Newport Grill

Newport Grill is considered one of the finer dining establishments in Wichita. It’s no secret that Newport Grill is one of my favorite places in Wichita to eat, although it’s a place I don’t eat at often.

So for the next installment in the “Must Try Menu Item”, let’s head over to 1900 N Rock Rd in Bradley Fair and check out Newport Grill.

Their menu items aren’t for everybody. Some people out there, don’t like fish. Some people out there, don’t like meat. But who here doesn’t like dessert?

That’s where we are headed for the Must Try Menu Item at Newport Grill. Let’s start off by saying, I’m not much of a dessert guy. Being lactose intolerant, my tolerance for lactose is somewhere in the middle but sometimes taking a pill can help. I really don’t eat ice cream anymore and when dining out, I’m usually stuffed by the end of my meal. So for me to suggest a dessert for a Must Try Menu Item means a lot to me.

Love in the Shape of Dessert

One of my favorite desserts in all of Wichita is the Banana Bread Pudding at Newport Grill. From what I’ve been told, it’s the pastry chef’s grandmother’s recipe. It consists of banana, nuts, and a vanilla custard base.

It’s hard to explain how much I love this dessert. It’s the only dessert in Wichita that I will order 100% of the time I’m at any restaurant.

Although it has a $9 price tag, it’s big enough that it can be shared by 2-4 people depending on how much you want to eat. Let’s be honest though, anybody who loves this could probably put one down completely by themselves but the option to share is there.

It’s so good that if I don’t have any lactose pills with me, I’ll still order it and just pay whatever price my body gives me later.

You cannot go wrong with this dessert. Everybody I’ve had dinner with at Newport, I have forced this dessert upon them and they really like it or are just playing along. I like to tell myself it’s the former of the two.

Otherwise, I hope this helps you all out. 

Happy Dining,

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