Where Is The Best Hummus in Wichita?

People love lists and rankings; I know I do. When it comes to food discussion, lists and rankings always comes up. Like, where is the best steak in Wichita? Where is the best breakfast in Wichita? I’m on a 25+ burger project to determine where the best burger is in Wichita. Four years ago, I did an extensive project to determine the best Pho in Wichita.

So that brings me to my next project; to determine the Best Hummus in Wichita. This weekend, that list will come to fruition!

There’s a large selection of Mediterranean restaurants to choose from in Wichita. Many people boasts that so and so has the best hummus in Wichita. Many people think they can pinpoint their favorite hummus from any other kind. I’m on a mission to find out all those answers.

I’ve gathered a bunch of friends this Memorial Day weekend to assist me in another fun little experiment to determine which place truly has the best hummus. I’ve assembled a team of people who will help eat and rank hummus. We aren’t going to call ourselves the Avengers because none of us have super human powers, well maybe except one friend who has Super Human Calves…..we call him Calf-Man. The rest of us are just average human beings who like Mediterranean food.

Could this win best hummus? Find out soon!

A month ago, I asked Facebookers, Tweeters, and real life people who don’t hide behind a computer like me for suggestions on what is the best hummus in Wichita. I’ve compiled a list of over 10 different restaurants that we will sample. I called every restaurant to make sure they are open in the same time frame so the maximum amount of time a hummus will sit untouched is 30 minutes.

The project is simple. I will send my friends all out to go pick up hummus and bring it to a central meeting spot and hand it off to me. I will be the only person who knows what hummus is from where. The rest of my team of eaters will be trying the hummus blind. For those wondering, we will use the exact type of pita chip for all the hummuses (seriously? is the plural version of hummus, hummuses?)

Once I receive everything, I’ll separate it out and number them off. I will then lay out all the hummus (is hummus plural hummuses???) on a table and each person will be given a pen and paper to rank the hummus. No talking will be allowed; only eating. I’ll have a stun gun on hand to enforce the rules. This could get dangerous folks.

In an hour or less, I’ll get everybody’s votes, tabulate them and write a full blog on the results. I’m excited. Simple minded projects like this are similar to Christmas for me or like Shocker basketball.

So stay tuned gang. Our results for the Best Hummus in Wichita will be out this weekend!

Happy Dining!

Pictures will be on our Facebook page of the event if you don’t want to wait for the blog to come out.

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