Bite Me BBQ Bloody Mary: Is It Worth $12.50?

If you do a Google search for Bite Me BBQ Bloody Mary, you come across many results that highly recommend the gigantic concoction.

My friends and I are big Bloody Mary fans. If it’s on the menu, we will always order at least one to try it. When I ran my Half Marathon, the very first drink I had (outside of water) was a Bloody Mary, which of course didn’t go over so well.

We’ve heard stories of the Bite Me BBQ Bloody Mary and seen the pictures, so it was time to go check it out ourselves. On a random Saturday afternoon, my buddy Damon and I ventured our way to 132 St. Francis N which is between Douglas and 1st street.

I’ve actually never been there before for their barbecue. It’s on my list of places to try when I intend to do my Best Ribs in Wichita blog, but that’s a whole other story which I’ll cover another day.

When we walked in, we told our server that we came for their famous Bloody Mary. An order was placed for two at a price of $12.50 each. This would easily be the most I’ve ever paid for a Bloody Mary. While Damon and I were chatting about it, an eavesdropping customer would turn to us and say we were in for a treat and that they were big.

They came out and she wasn’t lying. A large beer mug about the size of Antarctica was placed on our table via a forklift. (Please read that contextually).

The Bloody Mary came with a little buffet of treats: spare rib, hot link in a bun, burnt end, cheese cube, pickle, celery, olives and a couple of other items. The pickle was delicious, the hot link was delicious, I don’t do olives or cheese, the rib was just ok. Damon shared the sentiment that it tasted a little soggy being dunked in the Sea of Bloody Mary.

Honestly, I was starting to get a little full from the food alone.

Next up was the most important part, how was the Bloody Mary? How did it compare to The Store’s Bloody Mary that was the People’s Choice at Bloom’s, Brews and Bloody Mary’s?

In a couple of words, it didn’t. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, you can tell in the first couple gulps whether it’s good or not. Unfortunately, the Bite Me BBQ Bloody Mary, didn’t deliver. There just wasn’t any real bite to it and the flavor was lacking. Damon wasn’t a fan of it either. We each drank a little over half our drink and just cut our losses.

The Bite Me BBQ Bloody Mary is really a sight to behold. It’s beautiful to look at and well created, but when it comes down to the actual drink, it was more of a thumbs down than a thumbs up for both of us.

Happy Dining,

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