Deshi Curry Review

Deshi Curry is one of many Indian restaurants located at 21st and Woodlawn. It’s located at 6249 E 21st Street right by Da Cajun Shak at the southwest corner.

They are open 11 am to 11 pm seven days a week according to Zomato and Google.
I’ve been wanting to go to Deshi Curry for some time now. My knowledge of Indian food is extremely limited. I’ve been to Passage to India and Zaytun but don’t know what really to order off of a non-buffet menu.
Two of my colleagues are from India and I invited them to join me for lunch just to get some insight and additional feedback on what they thought of one of Wichita’s Indian restaurants. So on a random weekday, they were able to join me for lunch along with two other co-workers.
We were the only ones inside for lunch on the day we went. Everybody looked at the menu and ordered their own choice with the thinking we’d share each of our dishes so everybody got to try a variety of different entrees. Fortunately there was a wall of entree pictures to give everybody an idea of what was what. (Menu is at the bottom of this blog)
Between the five of us we ordered the Aloo Mutter (potatoes and peas in a curry sauce), Mutton Biryani (Lamb and rice), Lentil Soup, Mango Lassi (a mango Yogurt drink), Chicken Curry, Baigan Bharta (sauteed eggplant), and Nauratan Vegetables (mixed vegetable in a creamy sauce). Here’s what they all looked like:
Chicken Curry and rice


Mutton Biryani


Lentil Soup


Baigan Bharta


Nauratan Vegetables


Aloo Mutter
Mango Lassi
I ordered the Mutton Biryani along with the Lentil Soup and wasn’t exactly pleased with what I ordered. Of all the entree items ordered, the Mutton Biryani was the least favorite of everybody’s. The meal was rather dry and a little bland. The Lentil Soup was very runny and didn’t have much flavor to it.
One co-worker ordered the Chicken Curry with the side of rice and of everybody who tried it thought it was delicious. The curry sauce was fantastic and great to pour over rice or dip your Naan (bread) into it. Great choice and something you can’t go wrong with.
Another co-worker ordered the Aloo Mutter. While I didn’t get an exact quote from him on the meal, he seemed to enjoy it and did leave Deshi Curry saying he was happy with everything. He also ordered the Mango Lassi which was refreshing and delicious by all who got a sip. He said it was almost like a meal in itself and could leave you full.
My other two colleagues from India ordered the Nauratan Vegetables and the Baigan Bharta as they are both vegetarians. The Baigan Bharta was a hit at the table and probably the most liked entree of everything that was ordered. Between the eggplant and the sauce, it was very delicious and something I would highly recommend if you ever go. I would have never thought about ordering it if they didn’t come; excellent choice. The Nauratan Vegetables, on the other hand, left a little to be desired by most of the table. The sauce was just a little too creamy, had a different taste that most of the table wasn’t high on. Both colleagues enjoyed their meal but noted that it’s more like “fast food Indian” and isn’t really all that authentic.
For dessert, we all had a Golap Jamun which is best described as a doughy pastry that is covered with cinnamon and served cold. Everybody thought it was great; although a couple noted (including me) it could possibly be ten times better if it was served warm. But I’m not sure if that’s how it usually is served so that was just our opinion.
Overall everybody left satisfied and enjoyed their meal (or other peoples meals) for the most part or at least said they did. Judging by reactions and comments made later on it wasn’t the smash hit that past restaurant adventures have been. One of my colleagues said he did enjoy Passage to India more and I would possibly agree. The benefit of Passage to India is having a larger selection of food to choose from being a buffet so those not familiar with Indian food can try a multitude of things out and seeing what they like.
While it wasn’t fantastic, it was good enough that I now know what I like there and could go again and order with confidence. Go ahead and give Deshi Curry a try yourself and see what you think.
Happy Dining!
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