Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Review: Desserts Galore!

Where in Wichita can you get a good steak? I know many of you have asked that question before. One of the restaurants that should be in that argument is Firebirds Wood Fired Grill.
Located at the Waterfront at 10096 E 13th St, Firebirds has been open for about two years and has quickly shot up my list as one of my favorite places in Wichita for fine dining. The very first time I went there, I was less than impressed but since then have gone multiple times with each time getting better.
Firebirds is open seven days a week from 11 am to 10 pm and until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. On the weekends, you’ll want to be sure to set a reservation as it does get really busy. The after work hours during the week can draw a good crowd and in my experiences dinner times during the week can be hit or miss on how busy it is.
Website with menu, reservations, promotions, etc.:
Rare Plus to Perfection
A big group of friends and I went a couple weekends ago and had reservations and our wait was still around 30 minutes by the time our entire party arrived.
I didn’t take pictures of everybody’s food because I wanted to discreetly review Firebirds and not everybody there knew I was this nerdy food blogger who’s phone is filled with hundreds of pictures of food.
I had the aged Ribeye cooked rare plus and it came out exactly as ordered. Everybody at the table seemed to be disgusted at the way my Ribeye looked but it tasted great; very tender and grilled to perfection. I usually order my steaks rare plus to medium rare depending where I go. I can’t have it anything past that or it just tastes all the same to me.
Other friends ordered the Filet, Ribeye, Sirloin and KC strip and all thought their steaks were delicious. One friend ordered the salmon and felt it was a little too salty for his taste; I would second his opinion in the fact that I’ve had seafood here before and Firebirds does steaks ten times better than the seafood. Comments were thrown around the table that Firebirds is really one of the best steaks in Wichita with other places being thrown in the conversation like Texas Roadhouse and surprisingly Lakeside Club. Around this time, word got out about the food blogging and the dessert menu arrived around the same time. At that point, it only made sense to order every single dessert off of the menu and review them according to all.
Personally, I don’t order desserts often since I’m so full after dinner as I was at this point but when someone goes “Let’s just order everything on this menu” that sounds like fun to me and I’m sure I can make room in my stomach for more food.
Their dessert menu consisted of six items: Crème Brulée Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Big Daddy Chocolate Cake, Warm Chocolate Brownie, Key Lime Pie, and Flourless Chocolate Cake; all at $7.50 apiece. The nine of us at the table were all excited for the sugary goodness about to be placed in front of us.
Here’s a glance of five of those items:


The runaway favorite of the six desserts was the Crème Brulée Cheesecake followed by the Key Lime Pie. Regarding the cheesecake, it might be some of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Two of my friends said it’s the best dessert in Wichita. A buddy Stephen said it’s because, “The drizzle is the shizzle” followed by don’t quote me on that but with a line like that, I have to post it. I was trying to gather everybody’s opinion on the Big Daddy Chocolate Cake but couldn’t attain one comment that was appropriate to write referring to “Big Daddy”; my friends are not the most mature people out there. People were surprised by how delicious the Carrot Cake was which is something I could eat everyday. While everybody enjoyed all six desserts, the least liked by comparison were the Flourless Chocolate Cake and the Warm Chocolate Brownie; both were very rich.
From the steaks to the bottles of wine to the desserts, everybody left Firebirds completely satisfied and happy. Our service was incredibly friendly and excellent. Prices are what you’d expect from a finer dining establishment in Wichita; so don’t be surprised. It’s still all worth the money and a great place to take co-workers, vendors, family and friends; one of my favorite places in Wichita.
Happy Dining!


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