Food Trucks at the Fountains: What to Expect Part 2

Back in April, I attended the Food Trucks at the Fountains in the event at the Waterwalk. I covered the event here and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I was unable to attend the May event and with the weather in the 90’s this weekend, I was intrigued to see how the turnout would be for June’s Food Trucks and the Fountains event. Along with the warm weather, the list of food trucks was impressive.

Food Trucks involved were B.S. Sandwich Press, Big Chill Ice Cream, The Brown Box Bakery, Brickhouse BBQ, Charlie’s Pizza Taco Wichita, Chino’s Parrilla – Food on the go, Falling Star Concessions, Funky Monkey Munchies, Hopperoni Express, The Kamayan Truck, Kona Ice NW Wichita, Let’m Eat Bräts, Lynn’s Curbside Cookout, Mr Natural Soul Kitchen, Ms. Tosha’s Chicken, Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch, Twin Treats Concession, Smallcakes Wichita, Strada by Luciano’s, Sunflower Espresso Wichita, & The Flying Stove.

I decided to go meet a friend up there around noon with other family members of mine attending later. By the time I arrived up there. the………was……packed! I was quite impressed with the turnout.


Jenny Wood and the Watchers

Lines for all the trucks were long, people were spread out all over the WaterWalk, eating their food and listening to great music from Jenny Wood and the Watchers who were just fantastic. Their rendition of “Rude” by Magic was beauty to the ears. The whole ambiance of it all was fantastic with so many families scattered throughout the lawn. It was a great site to behold.

Every line was probably a minimum of 20 people with waits for certain food trucks ranging from 20-30 minutes just to get through the line, not including getting your food.

One of my friends waited in line to get Chino’s Parrilla for his fiance and parents and it took him around 30 minutes to get  his food.While the food was fantastic, he didn’t think it was worth the thirty minute wait for it.


Two other food trucks looked rather enticing, The Kamayan Truck and Noble House Hawaiian Plate Lunch but both lines were incredibly long as well. One guy I spoke with at the Kamayan Truck said it took him over thirty minutes to get through the line.

By the time my family arrived, they were in no condition to wait around with a one month old with them in the heat so they left.

My friend and I discussed going back for the July event but planned on getting there earlier. As the day went along, the crowd grew bigger and bigger. The least busy time was right when the event started.

If you plan on going and the weather is nice, be prepared to wait in lines for a while especially if you go from 11:30 am on.

I still feel as though it’s a great event that’s put on and obviously many many many people agree due to the long lines. If you’re ok with waiting in long lines, then you may not mind the event.

For me, I’m not a big fan of long lines and wait for food so I could only deal with it for so long before leaving for a nice sit down meal.

Happy Dining,

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