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Going back through my food reviews, I could have sworn I have typed out a restaurant review on Cafe Asia but alas I have not. Cafe Asia is a restaurant I’ve been going to for many years. I usually go alone to just get some downtime, check e-mails and eat in peace. (Outside of the one time, an older Asian couple looked at me with pity and asked me to join them as if I was a loner and had no friends in this world……..that was quite depressing).

Cafe Asia is located at 6546 E Central at the northeast corner of Central and Woodlawn; it’s way back in the corner near the north end of Planet Fitness. They are open for lunch Thursday and Friday from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm. Open for dinner Tuesday – Thursday 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm and Friday -Saturday 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

I’ve been going there for so many years, I’ve seen employees grow up from being children to teenagers. It makes me feel old going in sometimes.

It’s one of those restaurants you don’t brag about often when talking about your favorite restaurants because it slips your mind but you find yourself going to quite often. It’s also one of those restaurants where you know what you like and that’s the only thing you order there.

So for the next installment in the “Must Try Menu Item”, we’re going to one of my longtime favorite restaurants in the city…………. Cafe Asia.

Now their menu has an assortment of great items to choose from. I’ll have the menu posted at the bottom of this thread. But what I like sometimes when eating Asian food is something that is filling and packed full of a variety of flavor.

For me, it doesn’t get any better than the Malaysian Rice Noodle! For the incredible low introductory price of $7.95, you get Malaysian style stir-fried rice noodles in a special mild curry powder with shrimp, beef, and chicken, carrots, cabbage, onions, bean sprouts, egg and broccoli. Sound good? It is!

You get a heaping plateful of food with your order. There are times I’m able to finish it and other times I need to get a take out container. All the ingredients taste great and compliment each other well to make for a fantastic and delicious meal. Between the shrimp, beef, and chicken, it’s all just wonderful and truly filling.

If you are big into eating local and especially family owned restaurant, stop by Cafe Asia and order the Malaysian Rice Noodle. You won’t be disappointed.

Otherwise, I hope this helps you all out.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “Must Try Menu Item: Cafe Asia”

  1. Cafe Asia has been a long time favorite of ours, we lived on the east side of Wichita when we started going there, and then we moved to West side, we started ordering to go often. The owners know us by our name and know our favorites, and they also make us stuff we like that is not even in the menu.

    p.s. I think the kids are grown up, and do not want to take over the restaurant, so I think they are closing the dining in part or reducing the hours it is open, and going to carry out only.

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