Must Try Menu Item: Qboda

There are many times I write reviews and then receive a plethora of comments and e-mails from readers making suggestions on what I should order there.

I receive these more so if I am not super impressed with the place I just reviewed.

Such was the case with Qdoba which I reviewed here back in May. Back then, I wasn’t too thrilled with the place when I just ordered a regular burrito. I said it wasn’t my favorite but would likely go again due to its close proximity o the area I’m always at in town. But after the review, readers weighed in and helped me make a better decision on what to order there.

So for the next installment in the “Must Try Menu Item”, we return to a restaurant we reviewed last month, Qdoba.

I won’t rehash what Qdoba is about, where they are at or go into great detail. If you’d like to, check out the review here.

The menu is very limited so what could possibly be their Must Try Menu Item? Well it’s none other than the Mexican Gumbo! I probably had a dozen or so people reach out to tell me if I ever went back to Qdoba, I just had to try the Mexican Gumbo. So I did and am I glad I ever did.

Mexican Gumbo

Instead of going with the burrito or burrito bowl route, order it as the Mexican Gumbo. I’ve had it three times since my first visit to Qdoba and it’s to the point I won’t get anything else there. I now have my method to ordering it and usually stick to it.

Rice…..extra rice….no beans… beans……..gumbo soup………chicken……… salsa……….green salsa………..guacamole………..and occasionally tortilla.

The bowl comes in a great size and by the time you are full. The gumbo soup taste great and adding in some hot salsa will give it the proper kick if you love a little spice.

Going the chicken route will run you $7.80 and it’s worth every penny.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I would have ever considered ordering the Mexican Gumbo if it weren’t for the readers of Wichita By E.B. so I want to thank every one of you who reached out to me to make the suggestion. Half of what I do is determined by suggestions made by you so I appreciate it greatly.

Otherwise, I hope this helps you all out. 

Happy Dining,

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