Project Best Wichita Burger: The Final Update!

This is the very last update for Project Best Wichita Burger!!!!

Last Update!

I have have just two burgers left on my list of 30 restaurants to go out to. I will easily crank that out this week and then sometime next week starts the Day By Day countdown of the Best Burgers in Wichita from #30 all the way down to #1! Then after that, it’s no more burgers for the longest time for me.

This week I tried out three burgers that were all fairly interesting. Funny story that took place though yesterday. I was out at one of Wichita’s burger restaurants and overheard two guys talking. Their conversation sounded interesting so I started eavesdropping.

One guy started talking about “some guy going around Wichita trying every burger joint.” That instantly caught my attention. I started to feel really cool about myself and all happy I was getting some word of mouth. Then the next guy goes, “I bet he looks like some fat trailer park trash.” My head dropped immediately while they cracked a couple more jokes I won’t post.

I guess any publicity is good publicity right?

So this is the very final update until we start next week’s countdown. I want to thank everybody for taking the time to read these updates as the weeks have gone by, spreading the word about the burger project, and even to all my friends who have joined me on these burger adventures and risking your health to partake in the most healthiest of food journeys ever known to man.

I look forward to finishing these two burger places soon and even more excited to finally tally the results, publish them all out and then hear the criticism and backlash that is sure to follow.

Happy Dining!

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