Project Best Wichita Burger: Update #8

Just a few weeks from now, Project Best Wichita Burger will be coming to close. I must admit, I cannot wait for that day to come.

Only 6 To Go!

I was literally telling friends and coworkers, I can feel myself getting fatter as these weeks go along. I was told that when I started this idiotic adventure, I should exercise more and eat healthier when I’m not eating burgers. Guess what I did? Yep, like any other man, I refused to listen to directions. And now my body is finally starting to feel the results. You would think that signing up to run a marathon would give me extra incentive to at least run more but I haven’t even done that yet!

As it stands now, I only have six burgers left to go before I’m completely done! Seems so close but yet so far.

This week’s adventures consisted of burgers I’ve had in the past and even reviewed before on here. I was shocked to see how different the burgers tasted from what my memory thought it would be like. It was actually slightly disappointing. Going through that makes me what to send a challenge to all those out there in reader land. If there’s a burger restaurant that you haven’t been to in three plus years that you liked, go back and see if it’s as good as you remember.

So with only six to go I can either do 3 a week and be done in two weeks or take it nice and easy and do 2 a week and be done by the end of the month. With how my body is feeling, I think I”ll aim for the latter.

Happy Dining All.

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