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Inside Bagatelle

Four years ago, I had plans to go to Bagetelle Bakery. A friend and I made plans to go there for dinner and when we arrived, they were closed. It didn’t even dawn on us to check their business hours. We learned our lesson. Many days even years passed with Bagatelle Bakery always high on my list of places to try and I just never made the time to go there.

Bagatelle Bakery is located at 6801 E Harry St (between Rock Road and Woodlawn). They are open Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm, Friday – Saturday 8 am – 7 pm and on Sunday from 8 am – 2 pm.

They are not just a bakery but also a cafe that serves specialty pizza, soups, salads, bierocks, quiches and a different unique specialty of the day served with a soup or salad. The special of the day, as you would guess, changes daily.

You can view the menu on their website here: – By the way, I love it when restaurants have actual websites with current information like store hours and menus. It makes it so much easier for customers and well……customers who review restaurants like myself.

On my visit to Bagatelle Bakery, the special of the day was Pork Tenderloin with teriyaki and pineapple with my choice of a soup or salad for the price of $6.95. I love pork…..I love teriyaki sauce….I love pineapples…….sounded like they were speaking to my heart so I went with it.

All the food is made earlier in the day so there are only so many portions available of each special. Fortunately they still had a couple left by the time. I ordered mine with lentil soup and then added on a Fattouch salad since mentally it made me feel like I was eating healthy.

The Fattouch salad was best described as ok. The salad dressing didn’t have as much flavor as I would have liked. Just comparing it to the other many Fattouch salads I’ve had in town, it wasn’t on par with them. The lentil soup was excellent. I downed that very quickly as if I were a basketball player drinking Gatorade during a timeout; very delicious.

The pork tenderloin too was very good. Although it was a smidge too salty with the teriyaki sauce, the actual pork and pineapple combo was fantastic. It is something I would certainly order again if it were on the menu.

In judging my lunch, I would give it two thumbs up. While the salad was subpar, the soup and pork over the rice were excellent; makes me hungry just looking at the picture of the meal while I write this.

Now after lunch, there’s no way I could leave without trying the bakery. There was such an array of breads and baked goods, I had no idea what to get. So I asked the lady working the counter what she’d recommend.


I grabbed five items to go: The tiramsu bar, strawberry log (the most popular item I’m told), an almond croissant, baklava, and a baklava bar (or at I think it was a baklava bar).

I took them home with plans to eat them by myself but when I did, Cylee and her mother were in the neighborhood so came over. The excitement on Cylee’s eyes when she saw the treats was too much for me to say no, so she joined me in the devourment (is that even a word) of the baked goods.

By far the favorite was the Strawberry Log. There’s a definite delicious strawberry taste to it but the cream also was fantastic. I asked Cylee her opinion of the log and she just gave me a huge grin and nod with frosting all over her chin and cheeks. Then she asked me to save the rest of the strawberry log for her mom since she would like it so we did.

Next up the Tiramisu Bar. Cylee had one bite and winced and said it was too much like coffee. I, on the other hand, loved it. I’m not a coffee drinker but the chocolate inside the tiramisu was succulent and out of this world since I’m running out of food cliches for delicious food. The remaining three items weren’t as good as the Strawberry Log or the Tiramisu Bar. The almond croissant was decent but after being on a run of sweets it was set up to fail with the previous two treats. As for the baklava, pretty good for baklava. While neither Cylee or I are the biggest baklava fans, we gave it a try and it was satisfying. Cylee’s comments on the baklava included a shoulder shrug, a head nod and a “Can I have another bite of the strawberry log?”

We packed up the rest of the goods we didn’t eat and sent it off with her mom. Later on, I would be told by her mother that the almond croissant was really really good.


Bagatelle Bakery was all around delicious. While not everything on the menu is 100% awesome for my preference, there is sure to be something on the menu and at the bakery that everybody would love. I definitely found items on their menu that I loved and I’m sure you would as well.

Happy Dining!

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