Behind Project Best Wichita Burger

I had the below written for the countdown of the Best Wichita Burgers. It was a simple rehash of why it was done, how it was done, thank you’s, etc. It started to get too lengthy and figured I would just post it here instead of at the beginning of the countdown blog.

Here’s a basic information and rundown of the Project before we begin the countdown Wednesday morning!

I have read many website’s or people’s social media lists of what is the best burger but it’s all based on a select handful of burgers they have had through the years. You look on Yelp or Zomato and it’s all based on check-ins, relevance of what people happen to vote for, etc. I’ve never seen a list made by someone who’s gone out of their way to find the best burger based on a vast selection of restaurants in and around town.

Thus Project Best Wichita Burger was born. In the last three months, I’ve gone out to thirty different restaurants and tried each place’s regular house burger. I never went beyond a burger, bun, and your . toppings (if offered) like lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and/or mustard. My thinking is if a restaurant’s house burger was great, then they could easily make any great creative burger with other toppings. Unless a side was included in the price of the meal, I tried to just stick with ordering a burger. The burger size also listed was verified by either the restaurant menu or whomever took my order. All burgers had to be a minimum of a quarter pound.

All burger places on this list are burgers you can only get in Kansas. So you won’t see a Mooyah’s, Freddy’s or McDonald’s on this list. I also tailored this list down to most burger restaurants and places you would specifically go to for a burger. I received suggestions like different steak houses around Wichita, Bella Luna, Doo-Dah but strayed away from those places where burgers may not be the most popular items on the menu or the first thing you think to order when going there.

Thanks to everybody who helped!

I should note I have paid for every single burger with my own money. At no time was a burger given to me for free. I’ve had restaurants reach out to me to get me to come and offer a free burger but I passed every single time. I wanted to go into each restaurant on my list incognito so my experience was genuine. I didn’t want to be catered to; I wanted to be treated like any everyday customer. Some visits were bad, most were good.

On ranking the burgers, I had a weighted scale based on Meat Quality, Burger Juiciness, Bun, Toppings, Price and Experience all in that order. Price and Experience were given very little weight compared to everything else; with Meat Quality, Burger Juiciness and Bun given the highest.

Before releasing the results which will be done over a 15 day span with two being released each day, I should add some footnotes here. This list is all subjective based on my own opinion on what I like in a burger. I’ve had many friends, family and colleagues join me in going to these restaurants but when it came down to it, this list is all what I feel is the best burger in Wichita. My word isn’t gospel; I know people have different preferences so no need to riot based on what is listed each day. I’m not a chef, I’m not a restaurant owner, I’m not anything special, I’m just an average guy doing reviews for the average person.

Lastly, I want to thank the following people: Ricky, Robert, Chris, Damon, Adam, Dave, Jason, Cylee, Kim, Bella, Mike, Joel, Laura, Tim, Brett, Justin, Jenny and anybody else who helped me along this journey and/or joined me in taking off years of their life eating these greasy gems with me or supported me through the process.

Wednesday comes soon with the release of the first two burgers on the list. Can’t wait!

Happy Dining

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