The Best Ten Burgers in Wichita Countdown! (#1-10)

Since the beginning of the month, we have been counting down the best burgers. We started off with an aggressive and unhealthy 30 burgers and worked our way down to 11.

If you missed out on the countdown of burgers #11-30, you can go back and check them out here.

We started this journey back in April and called it Project Best Wichita Burger and blogged updates for weeks until we started releasing the results.

For information on how this countdown was conducted, please check out Behind Project Best Wichita Burger blog.

To those have been following along since Day One, we welcome you back and thank you for your patience as we’ve been counting down the best burgers. So here we are at the Top 10 burgers. It was really hard to break up these burgers as I truly was a fan of every burger on this list. Honestly you can’t go wrong with all of these burgers. They are located in all parts of town; there’s something for everybody.

We will continue counting down the Best Ten Burgers in Wichita, two at a time. In five days, we will know who has the best burger in Wichita……….at least in my opinion.


It’s time folks! Let the countdown of the ten best burgers in Wichita BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!


#10 – Jack’s Coffee Shop

6154 S Hydraulic St
Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 1/2 pound
Burger price was $5.25. Price included a bucket full of chips.

Cash or Credit? Cash
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Large Cheeseburger

When it comes to character and history, there’s a lot of it at Jack’s Coffee Shop. Some people may be turned off by the look of the establishment but don’t be. The ambiance was fantastic and the service was incredibly friendly.

This was a really good tasting burger even though bits of it would fall apart here and there. It came out piping hot when delivered to us within seconds of coming off the grill. Indeed, it was freshness made to order. By the look of the burger, I didn’t think it would be juicy but it surprisingly was. No complaints with the bun, it fit the half pound burger just well. The grilled onions served with the burger were fantastic.

This is also the cheapest half pound burger you’ll find in town. At their price it also comes with a bucket full of chips.


#9 – Jack’s North Hi Carryout
603 W 13th St N
Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 4 ounces
Burger price was $2.50. An additional $2.10 for fries or $4.66 for a meal (fries and drink)

Cash or Credit? Cash
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: 1/2 pound double cheeseburger

Fantastic tasting burger what was cooked just right. This was one of those burgers that definitely had some grease on it but not to the level where it turned you off. It was also somewhat juicy where it didn’t soak the bun up which was a fantastic soft little bun that felt like it melted in your mouth.

If you’re judging lettuce, this was one of the best out there which didn’t take up the entire burger. It wasn’t the type of lettuce where if you took a bite, the entire slice of lettuce slid out underneath the burger. The pickle and grilled onions were fantastic and topped off what was well worthy of a top ten burger.

It’s a nice little restaurant that’s been around the city for a while and the cheapest burger in town of all thirty burgers.


#8 – Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers
301 N Mead St
Monday – Thursday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Burger Size: 4 ounces
Burger price was $3.99. Fries were an additional $1.49.

Cash or Credit? Both
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Egg Burger

Of all 30 burger places I went to, this was the most surprising to me. I expected really good burgers at many of the popular and often named restaurants in Wichita that people offered up but Yo-B Yogurt and Burgers definitely shocked me especially for a place that most people would associate with “Yogurt” above all else.

This was a really great tasting burger, incredibly tasty and full of flavor. When it came down to juiciness, this was full of it but at the same time to the point where it was getting messy. They had one of the more unique buns of all the places that was very delicious. I left a huge fan of the bun.

While I didn’t use the Yo-B sauce, I kept everything else on there which was great aside from the lettuce which I could have done without. One bite into the lettuce and it was drag every other topping out.

At $3.99, it was one of the higher priced burgers for a quarter pounder but the taste made up for it. I”ll gladly pay that price for a burger of that quality again even if it doesn’t come with a side. The experience is whimsical. It’s vibrant and bright inside. Very kid focused with everything there, if you have family they will love the place and you will love the burger.


#7 – Sport Burger

134 N Hillside St
Monday – Thursday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 1/4 pound
Burger price is $3.29. It cost an extra $1.69 for fries or you can order a meal for $4.99.

Cash or Credit? Cash Only
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Triple Cheeseburger

Be careful or you will miss this place on Hillside. It’s a question I hear often, “Have you ever been to that little burger place on Hillside?” And it’s an answer I will always say, “Yes, and you need to try it!”

While Sport Burger may not have the biggest building, the largest menu, the best hours, they do one thing right and that is making a burger. This was an extremely delicious burger that has the taste of a burger that’s been cooked on a grill that’s 50 years old. Which is a good thing, many of you know what I’m talking about.

There was great moisture on the burger, slightly a bit on the greasy side but not so much where it ruined the whole burger. The sesame seed bun was slightly toasted but still had a great feel to it. Not too hard, not too soft; just right. They did not overdo it on the toppings outside of the onions. While really tasted and adding some good flavor, this burger could possibly be much much better if you pick off some of the onions.

Sport Burger is the tenth cheapest burger on the list of 30. Keep in mind, this is a very small place. You’re best just going through the drive thru. If you really want to eat there, they have one little park bench behind the building. Otherwise, very friendly people inside who all seemed genuine.


#6 – Ty’s Diner
928 West 2nd St
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 4 ounces
Burger price was $4.55. An additional $1.49 for fries.

Cash or Credit? Both
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Jalapeno Cheeseburger

Ty’s Diner has the look and feel of a great burger joint; it’s almost like your true classic American diner. While the ambiance is great, the burger is there to match as well. It’s a fantastic tasting burger, cooked just right, seasoned well, and not overly juicy to the point where you’re left constantly drying your hands off with napkins. It’s juicy to the point you are satisfied. The butter toasted bun had a great soft feel and taste to it; everybody who went with me were big fans of this bun.

They were a little lazy and uneven on the toppings. If you’re going by presentation, it could have been better. But everything else including service was top notch.

Probably the biggest mark on them is this is one of the top five priciest quarter pound burgers but you really are paying for excellent quality here.


#5 – Buster’s Burger Joint

1202 E MacArthur Road
Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 1/3 pound

Burger price was $2.79. A meal was $5.50 for fries and a drink.

Cash or Credit? Cash
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Double Cheeseburger

First of all, it should be noted if you ever Google this place the hours listed are wrong. What you see here is the correct version. The owners have been trying to get it fixed without success.

Speaking of the owners, Buster’s Burger Joint was one of the most pleasant trips on our burger trip. A couple friends and I went in and the owners were very engaging with us throughout lunch. They were very kind and left a lasting impression on all of us who went.

Fortunately along with a pleasant experience, it was a great tasting burger, seasoned well and was a hit among everybody who went. This was an above average juicy burger which with the ketchup and mustard made it feel juicier but it won’t be noticeable to somebody just looking for a good burger. The sesame seed bun was fantastic and a great addition to the whole burger experience.

For price, this was the third cheapest burger you could find out of all 30 and keep in mind this is a 1/3 pound burger! Second cheapest burger if you take into account price per ounce. Overall just a fantastic value with excellent customer service and a great burger. Yet another burger in the Top 10 you won’t be disappointed in.


#4 – Dempsey’s Burger Pub

3700 E Douglas Avenue #78
Monday-Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Burger Size: 1/2 pound
Burger price is $8. It cost an extra $2 for your basic fries.

Cash or Credit? Both
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? Both

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Hot Hawaiian Kobe

I’ve gone on record saying the Hot Hawaiian Kobe Burger is one of my favorite burgers in the city but how well did they do a regular burger? Well they did it excellently. This was far and away the best half pound burger of all the ones I tried. It was cooked perfectly with some red in the middle, just the way I like it. The patty was juicy to the right level.

At first glance, I thought the bun was incredibly big but it deflated as you ate. It was the right size for the size of the patty and had a great feel to it. The toppings were kept at a minimum, the lettuce wasn’t overbearing, and the pickles really stood out among all the toppings. It was nice thick pickle that added a good bite to the burger.

For price this was the highest of all burgers that didn’t include a side. You’re essentially paying a dollar per ounce for a half pound burger but if you don’t mind paying money for good food, then this will be right up your alley. Some people do get turned off by higher prices for burgers but for this particular burger, I didn’t feel ripped off at all.

The building is pretty small and it gets crowded on weekends and sometimes evenings during the week. The parking lot is small considering it’s sharing space with other places in Clifton Square. On our visit, we had a great time on their patio under the nice weather and quick and easy service. Easily one of the best burgers in town.


#3 – Bill’s Charcoal Grill

2957 N Arkansas
Monday – Wednesday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Burger Size: 1/4 pound
Burger price was $5.59 which included one side but not drink.

Cash or Credit? Both
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Special Burger

Wow. Never would I have imagined a burger house on Arkansas would make it to the Top 3! In many burger list I’ve seen online, I’m not sure I’ve seen Bill’s Charcoal Grill this high. It’s time to give this place their due.

Bill’s Charcoal Grill is a no frills hamburger that doesn’t disguise any of their shortcomings with sauce, toppings or any other condiment you can think of. The burger you’re given is a bun and a quarter pound patty. That’s it. You’re welcome to choose the toppings you’d like at a station set up with an array of toppings but on this visit I started eating it with no toppings and couldn’t stop. The flavor to the burger was fantastic and unexpected. I literally loved every bite.

There was just the right amount of juiciness to the patty and the bun was toasted just to the right level. Imagine going to a cookout and getting one of the best burgers on a charcoal grill.

While the burger is one of the higher priced quarter pound burgers out there, it does come with a side at the price and is absolutely worth it. As for the experience, it’s certainly not the most inviting restaurant by pure look and appeal but the service was friendly and quick. I’ll be going back soon and suggest you all give this place a try.


#2 – TJ’s Burger House
1003 W Douglas Ave
Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 7 ounces
Burger price was $5.49. Fries were an additional $2.79 or a full meal with drink for $5.99.

Cash or Credit? Both
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? No.

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Bacon Cheeseburger

The picture above is a little misleading. I accidentally deleted the picture from my phone so I had to go back, order one to go and take it home so the burger shown above isn’t fresh but let me assure you when you order it right then and there, it’s amazing and visually appealing.

Not only amazing but fantastic flavor for the 7 ounce burger. There is a reason why this place has such a huge following. I can truly taste why. As for juiciness, not much grease, if any at all, on this patty and it was still a very juicy burger. The bun was great and ranked as one of my favorites through the project. And the toppings, some of the best in town!

Price wise, TJ’s 7 ounce burger was ranked right in the middle of price per ounce. It’s about on par with what you’d pay for a burger of its size. TJ’s Burger house has a great diner feel and appeal to it. There’s a friendly staff, clean restaurant, an overall great experience.

It was tough to rank TJ’s as number two. An argument could really be made to put this burger as number one. Honestly an argument could be made for an of the Top 4 to be number one. They were all worthy.

But there can only be one #1 and that one is………………….


#1 – Bomber Burger

4860 S Clifton Ave
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Burger Size: 3/4 pound
Burger price was $7. Fries are an additional $1.50.

Cash or Credit? Cash
Do they sell Beer/Alcohol? Beer

Not in the mood for a regular hamburger? Try the following: Roethlisberger

Bomber Burger was one of the most suggested restaurants for me to go to on this journey of 30 burgers. Granted, I’ve been here before but it’s been a long time since my last trip. Many things can change over time in a restaurant. I went into Bomber Burger with an open mind and left without an empty stomach.

For $7, you get a 12 ounce burger……….that’s 3/4 of a pound. This was by far the largest burger on the tour. This is the fourth cheapest burger when you weigh in price per ounce. It’s such a fantastic deal for a meal or rather……….3 meals if you prefer a quarter pound burger.

This burger is sure to fill you up and is worth every penny. Many burgers describe themselves as being perfectly seasoned and cooked, this is no lie with Bomber Burger. If you were to describe a “Man’s Burger”, this is probably it. Although, an entire family could also eat this one burger.

This was an amazingly and surprisingly juicy burger for a burger of that thickness. There are signs that say it takes time and precision to cook a burger of that size properly. The timing was worth the wait, there wasn’t a dry part to the burger. The bun presented with the patty is also very big but it proportionately fits the patty and held the burger together and played it’s role perfectly. The toppings were kept to a minimum with pickles, onions and mustard. Not too much of everything can sometimes be a good thing. As they say, all things are good in moderation.

Just looking around their website and the signs displayed, Bomber Burger prides themselves on being a little rough around the edges. The guy in charge is honest as can be, which you can either appreciate it or not. Personally I enjoyed it. Bomber Burger is the definition of a true dive and worth the experience.

And with the burger, the price, the experience, everything, this is why Bomber Burger is the best in town.


$150 later not including tips and drink,Thank you to everybody who’s been following along the past couple weeks during the countdown, the past few months while I was busy putting down some red meat, thanks to all the e-mails, messages, texts from everybody. If my doctor is reading this, I promise I will get an appointment scheduled next week for my post-project health screening.

This has been a ton of fun to do. I already have ideas in mind for my next food project. Stay tuned!

Happy Dining!

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35 thoughts on “The Best Ten Burgers in Wichita Countdown! (#1-10)”

  1. Pumphouse, Oldtown #1

    Brint's Diner #2 (top 10)
    TJ's #3 (top 10)

    Hot Rod Burger, Bomber Burger should be on the top 30 list (not in the top 10 though).

    Ty's is an over-glorified Walt's burger, reminding me of the accolade that Cozy Inn, Salina gets with their sliders. Cozy Inn is a gem for the history and experience alone, the sliders left a lot to be desired.

  2. Bomber burger very overated, it's just avg. There are a log of burgers on here much better than bomber – Busters, Jimmie B's to name a couple. Probably didn't go to Bordeaux's Burger Barn in Peck. That's for sure a top ten.

  3. Well done!!! I can't agree more with your list. Thanks for turning me on to a few places I've got tried yet too! Thanks for doing the "work". I can't imagine the time you're going to need to spend in the gym after all of this. Thanks again.

  4. Considering this is a Wichita list I can't imagine he would go to peck. There are plenty of places around in the smaller towns that have good burgers. But as the title says Wichita.

  5. Grumpy old man.

    Are you kidding me right now???? TJ's #2?? You have lost your mind there are a dozen burgers in Wichita superior to TJ's, Hell you don't even have West Street burgers in the top 10… Obviously you don't know "come here from sic'em about burgers.

  6. I won't ever go back to Bomber Burger, I don't care how good his burgers are. The guy in there isn't "honest", he's flat out rude and unprofessional. It's a guy spraying out nonstop profanity in a place that's filthy dirty. No thanks.

  7. My all time favorite Burger in Wichita right now is the EM Burger at Emerson Biggins. Go on a Tues when it's half price burgers, with a drink, and it beats all of these in price too. I recommend going to their downtown location, much better atmosphere.

  8. Jack's Coffee Shop should have got the top spot for flavor, price and experience. Bomber Burger served me an inedible stale bun and a downsized burger that was too salty and fries that were sub-par for $9. Jack's has a bigger, better tasting burger for $6. If you love Bomber Burger, go try Jack's… you won't be disappointed.

  9. Michael Wilson – I had no idea the cook/owner or the condition of the restaurant had ANYTHING to do with the taste of the burger. THAT'S the point of this list…

    As a self-proclaimed "burger snob" I agree with a majority of this list, and any of my disagreements are only slight. Nailed the top two.

    For those that seem legitimately upset about this list, consider a couple things:
    1. This is a PLAIN burger being ranked. This list would be completely different if the "specialty" burgers were judged instead of the simple burger itself.
    2. Try a place out more than once before going off on the rankings. First time I tried Bomber Burger, I was disappointed, the 50 or so trips I've made since…heaven. Just remember as much as consistency is key, no place will be 100% every time.

  10. Southeast carryout, fizz burgers, Broadway burger, west street burgers are just a few that are way better than half of this top ten. I agree with buster burger, bomber burger, sport burger and tj's. But the rest are crap.

  11. I see your point. If you can completely focus on just the end product, the Burger, then maybe this list is accurate. For me though, the place has to have a positive vibe to it that makes me want to order the Burger in the first place. I do love the unconventional unique experience a hole in the wall has to offer and I've been to all of them on this list. I agree with all of them but Bomber Burger. And yes, if a place is filthy dirty and the cook/owner is blasting me with profanity I sort of wonder if I'm going to walk away with a bad case of food poisoning if I dine there. Maybe the guy also doesn't care if he dropped my Burger on the ground before he put it on the grill.

  12. Jack's Coffee Shop was one of the few places I hadn't tried on this list so I decided to go today. Upon entering I promptly walked back out and called the health inspector on them. A lot of these places have ongoing issues with their inspections. Leaving food at room temperature, food debris collecting on food prep surfaces. The recent inspection for Bomber Burger reads like a nightmare. Something to think about when you're eating at some of these dives.

  13. Just wanted to add one more thing. When I called the health inspector on Jacks Coffee Shop they hadn't been inspected in over two years! Most places get inspected every six months to a year.

  14. I use to go to a little beer joint called the ANNEX.. it had the second best burger in town years ago.. Jacks Coffee Shop hand down.. so Might wanna drop in to the Annex and ask for a big Mikes Deluxe..

  15. TJ’s Burger House tastes like a frozen Patty. Worst burger experience I have ever had in this town. I can’t believe that anyone eats there.

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