Quick Hits 7/9/15: Larry Bud’s Closing, Hurts Donuts and More

This is a big weekend for Wichita when it comes to the restaurant industry. Two big openings will take place and Wichita By E.B. plans to be there to get a review in of what to expect.


Molino’s is set to open Friday, July 10th. That’s not a typo. Molino’s will be opening soon. They open their doors at 11 am on Friday for lunch.

The new Molino’s will be at 7817 E 37th St N in the old Linkhaus/U-Grill building. I definitely plan on stopping by either for lunch or dinner or maybe even both to see how it compares to the original Molino’s location which I reviewed back in June here. I had a great experience at the downtown Molino’s and hope to relive that again at the new location.


The ever popular Hurts Donuts is set to open Monday, July 13 at 6 am. I’ve never seen such a huge Facebook following, There are people expected to campout on Sunday to win some free donuts.

I’ve been looking forward to Hurts Donuts for some time and plan to go out there next week to get an array of different creations they have to see how it compares to the competition in town.

Hurts Donut is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They will be located at 7010 W 21st St (near 21st and Ridge Road)


Larry Bud’s out east closed this past week.

Although my time there has been brief in the past couple years. I spent a good amount of time in the first five years they were open there since 2008. I fondly remember going there opening night, going there for days on end after they end in hopes of becoming a regular and having them call my name like I was in an episode of Cheers.

My circle of friends and I probably spent enough to pay the rent for a good number of years there. Many moments in life were spent there from having one friend spend almost six straight birthday celebrations there, celebrating many Shocker victories there like the Missouri State undefeated season win, the home wins against Creighton, and the Jackie Carmichael Kick Game. I remember meeting there for pre-party festivities, attending charity events there, and proposing to my first ex-wife there.

OK……that last thing never happened but all the ones before that did. I’ve never had an ex-wife let alone a wife.

But I will always look back on Larry Buds with fond memories and plenty of bar tabs. Had Larry Buds never been open, I’d be a millionaire but would lose out on many memories and moments I’ve had there with friends. Life is more about moments than money so I suppose it’s a win.

Fare thee well Larry Buds.


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Happy Dining!

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