Rostizeria Los Reyes: Mexican Buffet Review


Mexican Buffet!

When I see a sign advertising a Mexican Buffet, I will immediately slam on my breaks without concern. That was the case while randomly driving down west 21st street one day.

I happened to be with a friend who said, “What the hell is wrong?”

Of course my only response was “I saw a Mexican Buffet sign!!!!!” Those are the types of things I get excited for in life.

They are located at 512 W 21st St. For $7.99 on the weekdays or $8.99 on the weekends, you can try the Mexican Buffet at Rostizeria Los Reyes!

They are open Monday – Tuesday 10 am – 9 pm, Wednesday, 10 am – 3 pm, Thursday 10 am – 9 pm, Friday 10 am – 10 pm and Saturday/Sunday 8:30 am – 10 pm.

My friend stopped in for lunch; well I did and she was kind of forced into tagging along. Sorry……

Inside the establishment is bright and vibrant and similar to many other Mexican restaurants in town:

We were immediately greeted and told we could sit where ever we wanted and given a bowl of chips and salsa.

The chips were actually pretty good and didn’t have much of a stale feel to them at all. The salsa while a bit on the watery side still had a great flavor to it; not spicy at all though. Now for the real test, the buffet.



It was around 12:30 pm when we stopped by so it wasn’t as if we came during a non-peak time. So with that in mind, some of the food laid out looked as if it had been sitting there a while. Needless to say we tried to sample most of everything spread out.

Those people who aren’t well versed in Mexican food may have a hard time knowing exactly what was what at the stations. There weren’t signs posted to name them and none of the employees explained anything when they walked us up to the buffet.



First few bites in to each of the items and you kind of already knew where the review was headed.

Nearly all of the meat was either pretty dried out, really salty or tasted as if it had been sitting in grease most of the day. While the tortillas were nice and heated, the taco shells had a very just bad. We each tried a hard taco and quit before we were halfway done with them because the shell didn’t have any crunch to it.

My friend had couple bites of the burrito and quit soon after. She said it was bland and dry inside.

The rice was actually ok but even better with salsa on it.

The best part of the meal we agreed on was the meatballs which were surprisingly amazing. I actually went back and grabbed a small plateful of meatballs which ended up being what most of our lunch consisted of.

I want to apologize to my friend, Stephanie, for dragging her to Rostizeria Los Reyes for lunch.

After reading reviews online post lunch, it looks like some people have had positive experiences ordering off of the menu so if you go that could be the best route for you.

Unfortunately the buffet didn’t score well with either of us at all; not sure I’ll be going back to this one.

Happy Dining,

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