The Twizted Confections’ Bierocks Review (CLOSED)

When you drive by a restaurant and they have a big banner out front that says BIEROCKS, that’s almost a sign that you have to go try it out. Admittedly I’m not sure of many places in Wichita that have Bierocks so it was time I swung by Twizted Confections to try theirs out.

Twizted Confections is located at 6434 E Central near the northeast corner of Central and Woodlawn. They are open Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 8 am – 5 pm and closed on Sunday. Besides Bierocks they have an assortment of different sandwiches, breads, cakes and many other baked goods as seen below on their menu.

For the purposes of Twizted Confections, I just stuck with their Bierocks which are $3.95 a piece or $5.50 for a meal. When you order it, you can get it cold or heated.

I haven’t had much in the way of Bierocks in my life. I can probably recall maybe only a few times I’ve ever had a Bierock at a fair, at a friend’s house and at a restaurant. It’s not something I usually order so really the world of Bierocks is still new to me.

On this review, I went to Twizted Confections twice. On my first visit, it was a quick and brief stop where I just ordered a Bierock to dine in. They heated it up and served it right then and there to me.


The first thing I noticed was the bread surrounding the Bierock was incredibly tasty. It was the melt in your mouth type of dough that made you want more. I did not use any condiments on the Bierock. I ate it as served with the cabbage, sausage, onion, Italian sausage and other spices inside. While I wouldn’t say I loved it, I found it to be quite delicious. It was much different than the Bierock’s I could recall having with the bread really standing out.

Now given my lack of knowledge in the world of Bierock’s, I figured it’d be best to bring some to my trusted friends and get their thoughts. During a weekend BBQ, I brought a few over to gather opinions on the Twizted Confections’ Bierocks. Here were their thoughts.

My friend, Justin, said it was more filled than most Bierocks he’s had before. He too loved the breading and dough used for it saying that was one of his favorite parts which made the Bierock stand out. That and the Italian Sausage really stuck out in the flavor, gave it a great unique flavor. His fiance, Megan, was an even bigger fan saying she loved it, felt it was delicious and planned on going back soon to grab one.

A third friend, David, who was stationed in Germany in the military said this was totally different than any Bierock he’s had. While it wasn’t made like your typical Bierock, he did find the Italian sausage to be a nice addition and liked the Twizted Confection offering.

My fourth friend devoured his quickly and ended it with “This is much better than my mom’s.” He, of course, will have his name kept anonymously in fear of his mother never making Bierocks again.

Judging by everybody’s reactions, Twizted Confections’ Bierocks are definitely worth a try and rather delicious.

At $3.95 a piece or $5.50 for the meal, it certainly won’t break the bank.

Give one a try in the future and let me know what you think!

Happy Dining!

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