Adrian’s Cafe Review (CLOSED)

For as much as I go to Best Buy at 21st and Rock on the east side of town, I’m surprised I have never made the time to go into Adrian’s Café which is almost next door. I’ve heard some good things about Adrian’s so I made it a point to head there for lunch with some colleagues.

Adrian’s Café is located at 2121 N Rock Road. They are open Monday – Thursday 11 am – 9 pm. Friday and Saturday from 11 am – 10 pm and on Sunday from 11 am – 3 pm. For those who like live music, they offer Live Classical and Flamenco Guitar Music every Friday and Saturday night.

Their website is chock full of information and includes their menu. You can visit that here:

Walking inside, Adrian’s is larger than you would think judging by the size of their entrance. While narrow, Adrian’s runs pretty far back and is rather deep. There’s plenty of room for many customers.

On our visit to Adrian’s, we stuck to meals. Nobody ordered any hummus. Unfortunately I still haven’t had hummus since I did my Best Hummus in Wichita project back in May. Adrian’s serves many Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Between the four of us, we ordered two Gyro’s, a Reuben, and the Lasagna Roll.

The food came out pretty quick; there was a slight hiccup where one person was delivered the wrong item but that was resolved in seconds.

Both of my co-workers who had the Gyro’s were satisfied with what they received. They thought the Gyro was tasty, had quality meat, was cooked right with the only drawback being it didn’t feel like an authentic Gyro. One colleague mentioned it felt and looked more like a Panini with the grill marks on it. Outside of that point, both were pleased with their lunch.

Another colleague ordered the Reuben and was quick to mention how good the fries were. He ended up being a huge fan of the fries. As for the Reuben, he didn’t comment to much on it besides that it was good. Sorry I couldn’t provide more feedback :(

I went full Ms. Piggy and ordered a Greek Salad along with the Lasagna Roll. The Greek salad was excellent. Some Greek salads I’ve had are loaded with dressing; such was not the case with Adrian’s Café. It was a good start to the lunch.

As for the Lasagna Roll, I’m 100% glad I ordered it. I saw another lady eating it from a distance and it looked very appealing and I went with it. It was a good thing I saw it because everything from the lasagna rolls to the sauce were magnificent. The size of the meal was just the right amount for a lunch.

Even with the slight hiccup in the wrong meal being delivered, the service was excellent.

Everybody gave Adrian’s Café a thumbs up in our group with even one colleague saying he planned on taking his wife there for dinner sometime soon. I have the same sentiment as well when I get married…………… 25 more years.

Adrian’s is one of many good Mediterranean restaurants in town. Just another option for you to try if you are into going to all the different places Wichita has to offer.

Happy Dining!

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  1. This restaurant has great homemade soups , salads/sandwiches made to order. They have a nice catering program to drop off to the office and are friendly enough to get the orders right and on time. This place is hard to see from street, it is in the "bank building", but they do have a sign. Certainly give it a try!

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