Greystone Steak & Seafood Review

Earlier this summer, a new steakhouse and seafood restaurant opened up in Wichita. It’s called Greystone Steak and Seafood.

According to their webpage:
Greystone is the quintessential east-side steak & seafood destination. There is pride in the custom wine list, hand-crafted cocktails, and premium well selection. We serve only wet-aged/mid-west/corn-fed beef that has been seared to your desired temperature and rested. All seafood is flown into Wichita and hand cut by our head chef.

They are located at 9719 E 21st N right at the southeast corner of 21st and Webb Road. Greystone is open daily from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Inside you’ll find a dimly lit restaurant with different rooms inside for private dining, private events, party rooms, along with open seating. The outside patio is beautiful with comfortable seating all around which could make for a perfect evening dinner if the Wichita weather cooperates. Greystone is all class.

You can find their menu here, They have a wide assortment of wines and cocktails to choose from. I had the honor of being joined by two close friends for drinks and dinner; one who was celebrating his 80th birthday. Best way to have a great dinner is to be joined by great company.

While waiting to be seated for dinner, we hung out at the bar and had a few cocktails. The service there was excellent. The bartenders were engaging and delightful. There are also a couple televisions set up at the bar so you can kill some time if you’re waiting for a reservation.

When we were seated for dinner, we sat in the open area but noticed many of the private rooms had people inside there dining. Those private dining rooms would be perfect for family gathering, work dinners, you name it. Perfect for those dinners you want to be away from other diners and have your own space.

Gazing through the menu (which can be found here), I had my eyes set straight on the Lobster Bisque while the Birthday Man went for the French Onion Soup.

The Lobster Bisque was some of the best I’ve had in town; nice big chunks of lobster that didn’t follow up with a fishy taste. It was creamy and flavorful. As for the French Onion Soup, I was told nearly the same thing. I tried to get more comments on the French Onion Soup but he was too busy just chugging away at the soup along with his Bushmill over the rocks.

Next up was our dinner orders. Two of us went with the 12 oz Ribeye, one cooked Medium and mine cooked Rare Plus. My other buddy went with the 14 oz. Prime NY Strip cooked Medium Rare; all came with a loaded baked potato. It didn’t take too long for our food to come out. Our server delivered our food, put a flashlight on our steaks and asked us to cut in to verify the cooking quality. For the most part, everybody’s came out well. Mine was a little overdone and closer to Medium Rare/Medium but I’m not one to really complain at a restaurant about my food and besides, I was starving.


The baked potatoes that come with the steaks are huge. They are essentially a meal by itself but lets be honest, most people here reading this are more interested in the steaks than anything. The steaks, we were told, were shipped in from a Chicago supplier but how do they taste? Unfortunately not a single one of us gave a glowing review on the steaks. The steaks were recommended to be served with their bermaise, hollandaise or peppercorn sauce but like many people, we didn’t want our steaks to be hindered by a condiment. While the seasoning and the flavor of the steaks were great, the actual meat was a little tough. For a $37 Ribeye and a $42 NY Strip, we were expecting a little better than what we got. While not terrible, it just wasn’t what we’ve come to expect from a high quality steakhouse in Wichita.

Our experience at Greystone was mixed. The service was top notch; there really isn’t a thing we can complain about. They took care of us, cleaned our table, always refilled our drinks. I would go there again just for the service. The soup was excellent but unfortunately the steaks were not the best. If I go again, I may try the seafood route to see if that is any better.

In general conversations with friends who dine out a lot, I’ve heard much of the same in mixed reviews. I can see Greystone thriving though, there was a lot of business there on a random weeknight when we went. Greystone knows their market and seems to be hitting it on the money. Maybe it was just a bad night with the steaks but I’ll probably end up giving it a try again.

Have you gone? I’d love to hear your opinions on it.

Happy Dining.

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