Granite City Sunday Brunch Buffet Review (CLOSED)

Granite City

I’m slowly knocking off Sunday Brunches in Wichita one by one. This past weekend, I was able to cross another one off the list: Granite City.

For those unfamiliar with Granite City Food & Brewery. They have two locations at 2661 N Maize Road and at 2244 N Webb Road.

The Sunday Brunch is available from 9 am – 2 pm on Sundays and cost $14.95 + tax.

I stopped by on Sunday with some friends to see how this brunch compared to others in my past experiences. I came hungry and left full so that was definitely a positive.

So everybody is probably wondering what the Sunday Brunch consists of. Here’s a sampling of everything they have:





There’s a little bit of everything for somebody. This past Sunday was extremely busy but the staff did a wonderful job of filling everything up as items came close to gone.

The biggest hit by nearly everybody at the table was the cinnamon rolls. The large rolls were baked fresh and being taken up by so many people dining in that morning. They were so good one of my friend’s mother just had to take some to go. While I enjoyed them, I didn’t like them as much as the majority of the table. The rolls were so large, there was just too much bread to them for my taste.

My personal favorite of the brunch was the french toast which included syrup and strawberries to add on. I could not get enough of them and the strawberry toppings just added that nice sweet taste to blend in with the syrup on top of the french toast.

Other highlights from people were the pasta and bacon options. Seriously, how do you go wrong with pasta. Another favorite was the prime rib which was very tender. Some cuts had quite a bit of fat to it if you are into that sort of thing.

If you like Bloody Mary’s avoid Granite City’s though. Theirs was mostly bland, lacked any spice and tasted almost as if it was just tomato juice and vodka.

Items that missed on the brunch, first and foremost, were the eggs. The eggs were dry, not fluffy, and very bland tasting as if it was a powder mix.

One item I missed out on because I was so full was the Poached Egg bar. You could get a poached egg on top of a muffin with whatever toppings and sauces you would like.

The line for this was pretty long and by the time the line died down I was so stuffed from non-stop plates of pasta, french toast and veggies. Adding in the cinnamon roll didn’t help my appetite much either.

Here are some sample plate creations from the diners I went with:



The verdict from the majority was that Granite City came away a big winner with their Sunday Brunch. There were more hits than misses from their offerings.

Compared to other Sunday Brunch’s, I wouldn’t call it the best but this is one I would certainly go to again in the future. It had a good enough variety of options at a competitive price that it wouldn’t shy me away.

Looks like Granite City is another winner for Wichita Sunday brunches.

Happy Dining.

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