QuikTrip’s Sriracha Sausage

It’s early on Black Friday. You’re rushing from store to store. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet. You’re getting hungry. What do you do?

Well for me, I stroll into QuikTrip so I can get a warm cup of cappuccino and happen to see this amazing sign hanging from the ceiling.

This might be the best deal of the day. 99 cents for a NEW Sriracha Sausage? After purchasing televisions and all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney Princesses, I think this is a meal I could probably afford.

When it comes to Sriracha, I’ll put it on anything. I keep a bottle of it in my desk at work for scrambled eggs, rice, pork, cereal, water, crackers, twinkies, etc. (Ok, not exactly all that but close enough). If there’s something advertised with Sriracha like chips, nuts, popcorn, peas, I’ll try it.

I purchased the last two Sriracha Sausages and was so anxious to try them. Instead of eating them at QT or in my car, I figured it’d be best to quickly head home to drop off bags and try the sausages in the peace and quiet of my own home without any distractions to fully experience Sriracha Sausages as they were meant to be.


No Condiments Needed

The Sriracha Sausages were eaten as is with a bun; no ketchup, no mustard, no other condiments. I didn’t want anything masking the flavor.

After three bites, it certainly does taste like your basis sausage but give it a couples seconds and hiding somewhere in there is a distinct Sriracha kick that hits you at the very end of each chomp. It’s not so strong that people who don’t like spicy foods will need a full glass of milk. It’s also not so weak that those who dislike mild foods will not approve. While it’s not really spicy, the Sriracha flavor is strong enough that it sets itself apart from your basic sausage or hot dog you can find at a convenience store.

I ended up being a fan and was excited to jump right into the next Sriracha Sausage.

Let’s be honest though, this isn’t ground breaking or the tastiest meal in the world. The Sriracha Sausage is a unique concept for those looking for a quick quick quick quick snack on the go. Whether you’re on a road trip, needing a quick meal on the run, this is certainly better than other options found like the eggroll, the taquito or the average hot dog. At 99 cents, it’s a deal you can’t beat.

Happy Dining

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