Beard Papa’s Review

Beard Papa’s

Little Cylee and I were shopping for Salvation Army Angel Tree gifts one day and I thought it’d be nice to reward her with desserts somewhere for taking time out of her extremely busy day being a 5 year old to shop for others. Tough life she has……….

I called around and so many places just happened to be closed. I google searched desserts in Wichita and came across one place called Beard Papa’s. I had never heard of it and they were inside Towne East Mall. I asked Cylee if she wanted to participate in a new blog review. With a confused look, she responded with, “Blog????” Sounded like a yes to me so we went.

Beard Papa’s is located at 7700 E Kellogg Dr inside Towne East Mall near the Men’s Wearhouse entrance.

According to Wikipedia:
Beard Papa’s is an international chain of cream puff stores started in Japan by the company Muginoho Co., Ltd. Their slogan is “Fresh and natural cream puffs”. Beard Papa’s has over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide.

When Cylee and I first arrived our eyes focused immediately on these colored pastry balls.

The lady at the counter told me they were called Mochi Ice Cream. It’s ice cream covered in sticky rice cake. They cost $1.75 a piece and came in an assortment of twelve different flavors. Seemed like worth a try so we started off with three different flavors which turned into six different flavors.



We tried the flavors Passion Fruit, Tiramisu, Mango, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, and Chocolate Expresso. The Mochi Ice Cream is no bigger than two inches in circumference. The outer edge is surprisingly not as soft as you think at first glance. They are close to frozen but still soft enough for a child to eat. The Mochi Ice Cream are tiny little things but pack in quite a bit of flavor.
Our favorites were the Passion Fruit, Mango and Chocolate Mint. I was told by Cylee that “the Chocolate Mint is so minty with chocolate.” Direct quote from a five year old. That was by far her favorite although she really loved the Passion Fruit as well.
We couldn’t settle for just Mochi Ice Cream as I don’t think her parents would approve of me just feeding her that so we ordered two of their feature items on the menu. They’re called Puffwiches. Basically a Puffwich is a croissant filled with sandwich toppings. We ordered the Tuna Salad Puffwich since Cylee is a huge Tuna fan and the Roasted Beef Puffwich.
The Puffwiches are extremely messy to eat. Most people know how messy kids are when they eat, well multiply that times ten. The Puffwich just falls apart while you’re eating it. While the tuna and roast beef were tasty, the croissant would just break apart with crumbs landing everywhere. Just based off of that alone, I’m not sure I’d order a Puffwich again. Well that and they aren’t that filling for the average appetite.

My favorite thing to do when watching any of the kids in my family is to load them up with sugar and send them back to their parents. So we went back and ordered dessert there. Many people who were ordering at Beard Papa’s nearly all got Cream Puffs.

We followed the crowd and ordered one as well. They make their cream puffs on site for you to watch.

To be honest, I didn’t get a single bite in on a cream puff. It was all Cylee doing the hard work of sampling the Cream Puff to get the full review. By the end of her dessert, powder was all over her face, crumbs all over her clothes, and vanilla cream surrounding her mouth. I asked what she thought. She looked at me with this face of someone who had just ran a marathon and said, “Very good, can I go home now? I’m tired.”  It was essentially the face I have every time I finished eating at Sweet Basil’s lunch buffet which I love. So in kids speak, I’m guessing she loved it.

That does it for us at Beard Papa’s. If you go, definitely try the Mochi Ice Cream and the Cream Puffs. They are easily two of the best things on the menu.

Happy Dining,

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