GangNam Korean Grill & Bar Now Open For Business

GangNam Korean Grill

GangNam Korean Grill & Bar is now open for business in Wichita at 210 N. Washington.

They are located in the old Jinji Korean Bar & Grill (reviewed here) and next door to Joe’s.

They are open Monday – Friday 11-10 pm, Saturday Noon-2 am, and Sunday 4-10 pm.

According to their website:

Located in historic Oldtown, Gangnam Korean Grill & Bar offers freshly prepared traditional Korean dishes as well as an extensive wine list you can share with your friends and family.
Korean BBQ is known for its interactive cooking style which means your choice of marinated beef short rib (LA Galbi), marinated rib eye (Bulgogi), fresh pork belly, and much more, all of the BBQ meats will be cooked on your table to your taste. You can enjoy the flavor of the meet itself, or you can dip it into traditional Korean sauce. As you are enjoying your meal and side dishes that are accompanied, you will enjoy and realize all of the different flavors Korea has to offer. Gangnam has a unique, diverse menu which never been presented in Wichita before. One such dish, and a very popular one is Jjim, consisting of beef short rib slow cooked for its juicy and tender flavor with either sweet or spicy house made sauce. All dishes are served with an wide variety of freshly made sides prepared in house daily. Come and try Korea’s popular dishes.
Gangnam is the ideal place to come to have a nice date night or catch the game at our marble top bar featuring five 65 inch 4k televisions showing your favorite teams.

Much remains to be seen how much has changed when the same owners made the re-branding change from Jinji to GangNam. The menu is a little different with cheaper options for those not interested in spending the higher prices for the interactive cooking. Just of note it looks like most of the cheaper options are lunch time only deals.

Regarding the interactive cooking, on my visit to Jinji, my friends and I were allowed to cook the food at the tables ourselves but others told me when they went, the staff cooked the food at the tables for them which kind of takes away the whole point of sitting at a grilling table. I am sure I will make it out there soon to get a glimpse for myself on which route they go.

I enjoyed the food at Jinji as did my friends but others I spoke to did have differing opinions. I could see why the prices at Jinji could deter people away when other Korean options in town are cheaper. So I’ll be paying attention to how busy GangNam stays as Jinji’s parking lot was nearly always empty. When I drove by yesterday, the lot was nearly full.

For those ready to go try it soon, here’s the menu. Click the picture to expand.

Happy Dining.

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