Must Try Menu Item: M.I.F. Deli

Ever since I wrote a review on M.I.F. Deli, there was something I saw advertised that I have been wanting to try for some time. Months would go by, it’d slip my mind, I would drive by M.I.F. and remind myself to go again, months would go by, it’d slip my mind, I would drive by M.I.F. and remind myself to go again, months would go by and it’d slip my mind, I would drive by M.I.F. and finally pull in right before they closed.

I tried what I wanted to try and immediately knew, it was time for another installment of the “Must Try Menu Item”.

Over at 5618 E Central, M.I.F. Deli advertises on their front windows “Our Famous Homemade Meat Pies”.

I stopped in, tried one and now must assist in passing on the word to keep them famous to all twelve of my readers who stop by here.

M.I.F. Deli Meat Pie

The meat pies at M.I.F. are nothing short of heavenly.

They are made with homemade bread which literally melts in your mouth and tastes as if the bread was just freshly baked.

For my visit, I ordered the plain meat and it was nothing short of plain. Filled with well seasoned meat, onions, peppers, other spices and topped with cinnamon, it has a such a blend of great flavors savory and sweet that it just all hits you at once until you are excited to grab another bite. At times, I would top bites with horseradish to give each forkful a spicy little kick to make it even better.

I told the staff how much I just loved the meat pie and intend to go back ASAP to try a different one on their menu. This time, I won’t allow myself to let months go by.

There are plenty of different pies on the menu to choose from; some with cheese, some without cheese, a bierock, and even gluten-free options! There’s something for everyone! Yes the exclamation points are necessary.

That wraps it up for the twelfth chapter in our Must Try Menu Item feature. Hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as I’ve enjoyed eating them.

Otherwise, I hope this helps you all out. 

Happy Dining,

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